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Well the time has finaaly come for me to post my story as I promised God every night I would do so and try to help others and as you have all helped me so much. This is my way of "giving back" so to speak.

Let me first start by saying I have endured acne since the age of 14 and I am now 20 1/2. I have tried many OTC and prescrition medications and while some things worked they either eventually lost their power or my face became too red and I stopped use. I used retin-a and BP with tetracycline throughout high school to keep my acne under control which it did pretty well but at the same time my face was soo red that it created a whole other set of problems. By the way I am a male. Anyways the summer after high school my face got better and I thought I might actually be growing out of this and stopped use of all my meds. My face was fine for a short period of time and then it happened. Fall came and my face exploded and my self-confidence was destroyed. I changed as a person, becoming more intoverted and avoiding friends and severely depressed. I could no longer work, attend college or pretty much do anything as i was sooo self conscious. It got bad where at times I seriously contemplated suicide as an option to release from my hell but I knew God would not approve and so I must fight on. I spent endless hours on the internet searching for a remedy and over time I became a self-labeled expert on acne. I came across a treatment called smoothbeam and thought this was my only hope. I started getting treatments and now I have had 5 full face treatments and this has been my miracle, I was by no means cured of acne but it helped 98% like the doctors said could POSSIBLY be reached. During this time I became really interested in nutrition and diets affect on acne. I followed reports by a doctor in Fort Collins,CO who studied people on some island who only lived off the land and could not find one pimple in 2 years of study. I then found the Acne Prescription by NV Perricone and this really hit with me. I immediately adopted his diet and purchased all of the supplements he recommends on my own as they are of beeter quality than his and certainly cheaper. I must admit at first it was hard but I have since felt so much better and believe I look better as well.

I believe to connect all of the dots for you as I am rambling I believe what has saved my life (from depression and acne) is the following:

Smoothbeam: gave my skin the "jumpstart" to getting better and greatly reduced my oiliness. You must be prepapred I think to go thru all the treatments and things WILL get WORSE b4 they get better as everything needs to purge just like Accutane.

Diet: I follow the Acne prescription diet mostly or I guess a modified Atkins as I only eat chicken, turkey and salmon for my meats. I eat lots of pecans and almonds. Lots of salad with extra virgin olive oil and fruits. All of the fruit s and veggies i eat are on the list of good foods fron Acne Prescrip. I also drink a ton of water everyday. All of these have helped so much. Another biggie in this category is elimination of coffee. This caused me many problems and made me nervous and anxious.

Stress reduction: I believe stress plays a big role in acne and working on this has helped me a lot. I believe if you get your mind and soul correct your exterior will correct as well.

Not drying my face out: Since recieving smoothbeam my face at bed time is no longer so oily in fact some places are still dry and washing actually makes my face worse and more dry which equals more blackheads which equals more acne. I no longer wash at night, and in the morning I only use warm water in the shower and it has worked miracles. It was difficult psychologically to do this (not washing at night) as I have done this for so long but if your routine is not working you must change it.

Another note my mother is studying to become an aesthetician and I use a great line from her time to time called Excellapure that is an all natural SA lotion with a watery consistency that helps with blackheads and exfoliation.

A final point I want to make is each of us my embark on our own discovery of what helps us and if something is not working for you or not working well enough do not be afraid to try new things. I was terrified to stop my prescription meds as the first time it cause me terrible pain when the acne came back but I did and couldn't be happier. I would credit smoothbeam the most for my improvement followed very closely by diet. Unfortunately I started my diet in the middle of smoothbeam so I will really never know what has been the "key" for me I just feel it is important to share my story with all of you and hopefully through your own research and trial you will find what helps you. There are some other smaller thought s I have and I will post those in the future but stay strong and things will get better. God Bless all of you.

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