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[QUOTE=dmgreen1988;4241618]Hi, I am new to this site and don't know what else to do! I have had random breakouts that weren't all bad my whole life, and I don't know if it is my new life and the new stress I am put under that is making me breakout or not, I have started breaking out about 2 months ago bad! Unfortunately for myself, my breakouts are all around my inner cheeks and chin and un-hide-a-ble. I have tried proactive, I have tried different face washes, I am currently on an over the counted topical cream called "Clindoxyl Gel" When I broke out like this once before it helped, and I was on the same face wash I am on now. I wash my face twice a day, I don't wear any makeup on my days off, I wash my sheets and pillow cases once every week. I don't know what I am doing wrong! The one product I would like to try is that "Murad" stuff I saw on T.V one time, but my sister says it is a waste of money just like the Proactive! Could someone please help me? I am desperate. Thank you.

Other notes:
I have "Dry" skin type and I don't have a dermatologist in my town.[/QUOTE]

When you are stressed your body releases hormones which can make you break out in spots.
Also, if your skin is dry, keep it moisturized. If your skin is dry your brain will make you produce more oil - thus resulting in more spots.

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