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I totally understand how you feel and I went through something similar in my mid to late twenties (I'm now early thirties).
I never really had acne as a teen either,and always felt blessed.I think I would have preferred to have it then, instead!
Welcome to ADULT ACNE.It's not just for kids anymore.But don't worry! There is much you can try and do!

Don't stress yourself over foods.when I had acne bad,it didn't matter what I ate,I still broke out.
It's true some things may "aggravate" your acne like CAFFEINE is a big one,so cutting back on coffee is good.
Hormones in milk and meat may also contribute.
I switched to organic/hormone free milk and have had good results.
I would avoid soy milk.Only because soy is put into EVERYTHING we eat nowadays, and too much is bad for thyroid health.

I'm not familiar with Avian birth control,but some birth controls are more likely to cause acne then others.They contain certain "androgens".One of the worst is Triphasal 28.
Some doctors will prescribe Orthotricyclin, YAZ or YASMIN as a means of actually fighting acne,as they contain ANTI-androgens.
There is a medication called Spironolactone (aldactone) that blocks testosterone (the acne causing hormone!) that women can take also.Many find a combination of this with birth control helps the most with their acne.
Hormones play a major part in adult acne,especially for women.

The thing with TOPICAL acne meds (over the counter and prescription) that most people don't realize,is they ALL cause a certain amount of redness,peeling or irritation~~AT FIRST.Your skin can adjust after a short time (two weeks,usually).

Also,most acne meds do make it worse before better! This is because they have to bring what is underneath the skin to the surface before it can clear!
There is nothing that works over night,and it makes me mad when companies claim they can because it really gets people's hopes up.It takes a minimum of at least 2 weeks,and often up to two months before noticing the full benefits of many meds.
So it's real important not to use something only a few days or a week and say it's not working.(not saying you do that,just trying to help.I use to do it when I didn't know better)

Cetaphil doesn't have any acne fighting ingredients,so I'm not surprised it isn't working.

Salicylic acid is good,and in EVERYTHING.It's kind of useless as a face wash,because it takes time to work and is rinsed off before it can do it's job.So any kind of acne fighting lotion or serum with it as an ingredient that you leave on probably works best.2% is a more effective strength to start with.Neutrogena has a make up with salicylic acid in it.

Benzoyl Peroxide is the oldest and one of the most effective solutions (although proactiv doesn't seem to work for a lot of people!)
You could try ANY 10% BP face wash that is Over-the-counter and probably have better results then with proactiv.
Proactiv did NOTHING for me.Now I'm just using OXY maximum,and it is really effective.

A combination of salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide usually works better then just one by itself.Acne is a PROCESS,so if often responds better to several different kinds of treatment as opposed to just one.

After you've given over the counter products a good go,should you have no results,it may be time to seek out a dermatologist.
I waited so long before doing that,and in the end, I'm not sure why.I wasted so much money on crap that didn't work.
Just remember,not ALL dermatologist specialize in acne!
If you find one who doesn't take you or your acne serious,then he is not the right one.I went through 3 before finding mine that I LOVE,LOVE LOVE.And I don't have insurance so it was quite costly.
Once you see a dermatologist,there are SO MANY treatments available! Differin gel is a good,gentle one to start off with,but your derm will determine what is best for your skin.

a few final things:

If you are using mineral make-up,be sure you are washing your brushes regularly! Otherwise you are just putting bacteria straight to your face.
Some people can have a mild allergic reaction to mineral make up.(It made my skin itch like crazy!) So be sure that is not an issue.
My derm told me any make up that is water based is fine.Maybelline H20 is 90% water, and is pretty good.Or the acne fighting Neutrogena with salicylic acid is good too.

Be sure to wash sheets and pillow cases often or you are just laying your face on bacteria too.Don't use perfumey detergent or fabric softener.

Make sure you change your toothbrush every 3 months.They can get filled with bacteria too after a while and then you are basically just putting bacteria in your mouth.
Avoid touching your face.Fingers have oil glands and germs.
Good luck,you aren't alone! But you can control your acne until mother nature blesses you and lets you grow out of it

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