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This is to all of u who take your oily skin for granted... i had really oily skin but not huge pores(i dont think) but i had severe acne... I was taking minocycline, which kept it under control but still had light break out every couple days but i would take a shower and wash my face with hot water witch is the way i like it in the shower and not ever feel like i had to put on a moisturizer. now after taking accutane its horrible i take a shower with warm ater and i get itchy flaking disgusting skin. accutane didnt work by the way. but my point is dont take oily skin for granted. as long as my acne wasnt that bad and manageable i love having really oily skin now at 17 my skin does this and i am afraid i am gonna look oh and after taking accutane and using moisturizers i still got dry lines under my eyes and u can see the bags easily so i really regret taking accutane it isnt worth it. just take anitbiotics to keep severe or moderate acne under control its NOT WORTH IT. I CRY MY SELF TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT NOT ONLY CUZ I STILL HAVE BAD ACNE(WHITEHEADS AND BLACKHEADS) MY SKIN WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AND ITS HORRIBLE. I WANT MY OILY SKIN BACK.

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