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Acne has affected my love life a great deal. It even affects the relationship that I'm in now. He is a great guy with a beautiful complexion. I have never seen someone with such nice skin. This aspect alone makes me feel insecure.

I don't have active acne but I have a lot of mild scars. I avoid going out during the day (the park, beach, etc). I'm always making up excuses of why I don't want to go out and I hate it. I would love to have pinics in the park and be able to wear my hair up in a cute ponytail.

My attitude is totally different like day and night. During the day, I am more quiet, very insecure, and withdrawn. At night, I want to go out and do things all the time. My security comes and goes depending on how I look.

This has totally ruined my life and kept me from doing things. I am 27 years old now and when I was about 23 I wanted to try out for the Los Angeles Laker girls. The talent is there and the look is there but when I started breaking out, I felt ugly (inside and out) My confidence level just dropped.

My face is clear now and I am in the process of removing my scars with the Cool Touch laser.

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