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Hi frogprince,

How are you doing? I've been wondering how your skin is after many months of Accutane now.

As you know, I've had clear skin for about 4 months now. It is not only just free of acne, but it has an extremely nice, glowing tone. I don't recall my skin to be ever so beautiful, in my eyes and in other people's eyes.

I hate to say this, but I do see the vast difference in the way people treat me because of my skin. I modeled as a part-time job & worked as a professional engineer before acne returned early this year. I think I was a bit pompous before my acne returned due to my look and wonderful career. Many guys asked me out, and I dated a few very good-looking guys. All of them turned out to be just not very nice people, and they didn't care much about my personality. That was because we dated based mainly on the appearance. Hardly any guys asked me out since my acne started to become a problem.

Having gone through the ordeal of fighting acne and continuing reading people's posts such as yours, I have become a completely different person. Ever since my skin has become completely clear, I have decided not to return to my modeling job because I felt that people focused too much on the appearance. I worked really hard as an engineer, and I was promoted to department manager for my engineering team in less than half a year. The guys that have been asking me out in the last 3 months seem to appreciate my personality as well.

As a result, I'm currently dating a wonderful guy. He is a very accomplished, good-looking, and kind guy. He's 31, 3 years younger than me (I've always attracted younger guys), but he's already the director of a biotech company. He spends a lot of his free time helping orphans. Although he has all the wonderful features (6 feet, well built body, nice facial features), he does have moderate acne. I don't mind it a bit because I don't even see those acne when I see him. I just see his eyes and heart when I see him. Luckily, he doesn't let his acne bother him as well.

So, this is what I learned in the last one year, at least it applies directly to me. You will attract the people that are superficial if you are superficial. You will attract the people that are loving, compassionate only if you have those qualities as well.

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