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Proactiv did a number on my skin - it not only bleached my sheets and clothes, it left my skin raw and sensitive to the point that it hurt to touch it with even a cotton ball. I took the same approach you are doing - I gave my skin a break. I cleansed with Cetaphil blue-label and moisturized with a Vitamin E cream from The Body Shop. To exfoliate, sometimes I'll mix Cetaphil with a tiny bit of baking soda. After a while I began to alternate cleansing between Cetaphil and Tea Tree Oil cleanser (from The Body Shop as well). Tetracycline probably had the biggest effect on my skin, though. I would recommend it as a last resort.

Lastly, and I know this isn't typical and/or recommended, I wear makeup everyday. I can't imagine leaving home without it, it makes me feel so much better about my skin. And in case you're concerned about looking made up, *everyone* is *shocked* when I tell them I'm wearing makeup. You need to be mindful of several things when buying and applying makeup. First, buy a good *quality* foundation and powder, and get matched for it. I think the only place you can do this properly is a department store. Secondly, don't apply it with too heavy a hand, obviously. I think people are surprised when I tell them I'm wearing makeup because you can still basically see my skin, including some of the pimples and scars. I wear makeup for an overall effect - my skin tone is more even the acne and scars aren't as pronounced as they would be if I weren't wearing the makeup.

Hope this helps.

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