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This is my story.
Before I started my accutane course, I already had lotsa blemishes and scars from previous breakouts.
I started my accutane dose in July at 20mg. I was still getting big stubborn bumps, so my dermatologist upped my dosage to 30mg in August. At the time, I was stil struggling to find a good mousturizer, so I started applyign Olay Regenerist. After a month and a half, I was still getting lotsa pimples and bumps.At first, I thought it was from Regenerist so I stopped. However, I was still getting pimples. My dermatologist upped my dosage to 40mg at the end of September. In the pimples that I was getting while on accutane, some of them would leave marks and some wouldn't. It actually really depends on the pimple. I noticed that if I popped the pimple by myself earlier than it could come out, it left a really dark mark. I also noticed that if it alone and let it grow entirely til out the pus was out, it really didn't much of a mark and it woudl heal faster. It also depended on the size of the pimples, for the bigger bumps tended to leave bigger marks.In a different aspect, I feel that accutane messes up the healing process of pimples. It stop the flow of pimples, but we have oil in our skin for a reason. Sometimes I feel that some of the marks would have healed a lot faster before accutane. Anywayz, I needed a good mousterizer. I did more research on Olay regenerist and I noticed different ways Olay Regenerist can be applied.Before, I would apply the Regenerating Serum in the morning and perfecting creme at night. Now I changed my procedure and applied the Regenerating serum day and night. At night, I would aply teh perfecting creme only after waiting one hour after the regenerating serum dried. I also started using cetaphil as a cleanser. I noticed it made a big difference. I've been nearly a month and a half at 40mg of accutane combined with the new regenerist procedure. I am nearly clear pimples wise, but not scars wise. Accutane does NOT heal scars, blemishes, and redness.(To be honest, I don't really know what "redness" means.. cuz my marks look different under different shades of light) I feel that my regenerist routine helped in preventing pimples as well as mousterizing. It also helped heal and prevent scarring of the pimples I had when I started the routine, but it didn't heal the scars from the previous breakouts.
Right now, I am spot testing various products for scar removal. I still haven't had much success. But if I were to apply makeup on face, I would look completely clear skin my complexion is back.

Anywayz, well.. this is just my experience. Plz feel free to answer more questions. Best Wishes to you.

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