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NYKID - I don't have many dark spots or any scars. I've been lucky in that area. I do notice that my zits are taking a little longer to heal though (usually when they're gone they leave a little red area which isn't bright red or even hardly noticeable but it's there).

Well everyone, I got another blood test to do next week and am not looking forward to it. My face right now is probably the worst it's been since I started accutane. I don't know what caused it, perhaps the bump up from 40mg to 60mg a day.

The GOOD news is, that since I started using differin on my forehead I've lost quite a lot of those little tiny flesh colored small bumps up there and am breaking out a lot less on my forehead. In fact, I've only got 1 real bad zit left up there whereas before I would've had 3-4 at any one time. Things are looking good for the forehead.

However I got 2 real nasty ones on the right cheek last weekend. They are healing nicely though and should be gone within a few days.

I've also got a weird patch of dry skin that isn't a zit but the area is red for some reason right on the left side of my face where the goatee is to the left of my lips. Hopefully that will be gone in a few days too.

The left side of my face is doing ok, with just 1 or 2 zits healing and barely that noticeable.

Also my back is looking fantastic. I had one zit on it last week which is almost completely healed now.

Considering the struggles some of you are going through, I feel very lucky to have maybe 6 or 7 total zits on my face. Even though I do want to be clear, I have been in worse situations before, so I am thankful to be where I am today in my treatment.

It's just frustrating because on Thanksgiving I was almost completely clear. In fact, I felt so good about myself that I invited a girl over to my apartment who I've known for over a year and who I used to work with but was always afraid to really get intimate with because of my face. Now even a little acne seems severe because I saw a glimpse of what I will be without acne and I LIKED it and want to go back to that feeling. It stinks that I'll have to wait to see her again until this clears up.

Again, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

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