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Hey Saints,

Today I got my bloodwork done for my 2nd month of pills. Let me tell you, this time was AWFUL for me. I have Belonephobia, which is an enhanced fear of needles, and it makes it impossible for me to do blood tests without feeling very light headed and such. This is part of the reason I was so afraid to go on accutane for so long, I couldn't bear the thought of blood tests. But I finally convinced myself it was worth it to not have to deal with this face anymore. It's funny how much of a wuss I feel like for having a fear of needles, nobody likes needles, but I just really can't even look at one without feeling nauseous.

In any event, the blood test was bad - they left the needle in my arm for about twice the time they did last time and were having trouble with the tubes which made the needle move in my arm more. Just typing it out gives me the heebie jeebies.

I don't think my derm is going to schedule a follow up this month. If he does I hope he lets me know soon - I only have 3 pills left after I take tonight's pill.

Unfortunately I broke out a little. Got 3 new zits that popped up just this weekend and 1 good cyst right where an old cyst was finally healed! Argh I hate when that happens.

So far so good though. Dry skin, of course, but it's controllable. Lips are ok, still not too bad, some days are worse than others. I can still get by without chap stick, but I don't know for how long.

I seem to be able to be dehydrated easier since I've started the accutane. I'm trying to drink more water instead of soda or juice, so we'll see how that goes.

Take it easy Saints.

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