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Hey, don't you think all those Neutrogena products you're using are contributing to the dryness? Just a thought since I'm so surprised that you're using so many other products with Accutane. I'm on it now, and for the first 2 month, I only use a cleanser, accutane, and clindamycin that my doc prescribed. My third month, my doc told me not to use anything topical on my face since he increased my dosage from 40 to 60mg a day. So, right now, I'm only using Cetaphil cleanser and Accutane. Nothing else. Well, I've been using Hydrogen Peroxide recently on infected areas, but I think as of today, I'm gonna cut that out as well. Keep us posted on how you're doing!
Hi Back

I think we started taking accutane around the same time. I started July 15. This is my 8th week. Remember I said for you not to write, but I am glad you did. I haven't been back to the boards, since before the week I started taking it.

I went through some pretty rough days, but I didn't want to dwell on the boards. I have very mimimal side effects, just some dryness. I take 400iu vitmain e, calcium. I use aquaphor at least 10x a day. but i don't consider dryness a problem.

The rough days were the awful cysts. I kep saying to myself, it will get better, it will get better. And now I am clear!! I started clearing up about the 6th week.

Just so you know. I only use Cetaphil cleanser. And I mix it up with Eurcerin Gentle hydrating cleaner. Thats it, no toner, and very little moisturzier!! I would let up on the toner. and maybe I would suggest a gentler cleanser. :-)

Good luck!!
hi remember me

I just finished up 5 1/2 months of my 1st course of accutane 12/30/03. I will be 26 on thursday. I am sorry your not as clear as you should be. i wonder whats going on with you?? I haven't broke out in weeks. What are you washing with? are you taking any bc pills.

I take Yasmin.
I have in my bathroom:
Neutrogena clear pore mask/cleanser. to kill any nastys lurking. it has 3.5bp
Eurcerin gentle hydrating cleanser
freeman purifying avocado mask (weekly)
freeman purifying avocado cleanser.
queene helene mint Julip (dap on oily spots)
Proactiv Solution cleanser, toner, cream
I drink lots of water, and eat lots of fruits and veggies.
For makeup I use Revlon colorstay foundation.

I use certain washes when I feel which one I need at the moment. If its a dry blustery winter day I use Cetaphil, if I wakeup in the morning and the humidity is 100% and I feel oily i will use a wash with bp in it. In Connecticut the weather is extremely unpredictable. I feel my skin changes with the weather. Sometimes I use the proactiv toner, and I use Cetaphil moisturizer in certain areas.

I now take daily or every other day
vitamin A 10000iu, Vit. E 400iu, Vit C 500iu, Calcium 600, Zinc 50mg, copper 2mg
Evening primrose oil 500mg, flaxseed oil. omega 3-6-9. & Enchaccia

Happy New Year!! :bouncing:

ps since i started taking accutane my knees hurt when I squat down (may have been the yrs of gymnastics) and I can't see when I am driving at night (but I always had glasses, never really worn them) so i can blame these problems on accutane but it MAY NOT be the reason for them.

I highly recommend taking accutane, I have been struggling for 11 years! oh proactiv does work, but then it stops after a while.

take care everyone :angel:

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