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Yes, I remember you, Bunny. I do not know what is up with my skin to tell you the truth. Maybe it's just my genes. Anyway, the whiteheads continue to come out, but they are very unnoticeable unless I point it out.

The only thing I really dislike about taking Accutane (the second time around) is that I had so much scarring (indented and all). It is not a pretty sight. The first time I took Accutane, I did not have this problem since I only had moderate but persistent acne. A year or two post first Accutane treatment, I broke out so bad (with cystic acne all over my face) and with Accutane, scars are almost a guarantee since it made my skin very sensitive to everything and anything.

Two months post second Accutane treatment and I am glad that the cysts are gone. I can pass for someone with clear skin with proper make up and about 3 feet distance, any closer and you'd notice my indented scars. Not a pretty sight. Nevertheless, I am happy. In 3 or 4 months, I know that I will even be better. I am now looking into procedures that could alleviate my scarring, possibly to be performed by Summer. I am really looking forward to a wonderful summer.

Oh I have to mention that I also have started going out without make up sometimes. Sure my face is red and scarred, at least I do not have those stubborn cystic acne anymore. Something to be thankful for. I also have long hair so that takes the attention away from my face most of the time. People look at my hair before my face for some reason. That's something I have discovered just recently. You should try it.

Anyhow, I am just feeling good right now and I thought I'd share it with you. Wishing each and everyone to feel the same. Goodluck with your treatment and I know how difficult it is to deal with acne, all I can say is that keep on being positive and you will reach your goal of a clear skin one day. Take care.

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