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I have a very similar problem. I have clusters of these small, flesh colored bumps all over my cheeks, forehead, chin, mouth and lower jaw area. You can feel them underneath the skin but they are also very visible on the surface of the skin, especially in sunlight! I've had this problem for years now, it started in my early teens and I'm now in my early twenties. I never knew the proper term for them until I started seeing a Dermatologist. I've been told that they are called WHITEHEADS. When I think of the word whitehead, I picture a red pimple with a white spot on top of it, needing to be popped. But after much research and visits to many different dr's, they are indeed whiteheads. Some people confuse them with milia but there is a difference. Milia are tiny bumps that are raised off the skin, very hard and very white in color that are usually found around the eye area. It's best to determine what your bumps really are before you try to treat them with the wrong products. It's hard to say was causes them without knowing what they really are too. For me it's more of a genectic thing since my father and his father had the same problem. I will tell you if they are whiteheads, they are very hard to treat! I've used every BP and SA product out there and tried several prescribed medicines too. What helps a little bit has been steaming my face for 15 mins, 2x a week. It softens the bumps and decreases they're size. It hasnt fully gotten rid of them but slowly they're getting smaller. And I'm also using a Glycolic Acid regimen. You may want to try out the Aspirin Mask Remedy too, that has helped open some of my whiteheads up. If you were to have Milia instead, the best way to get rid of them is to go to your local Esthestician because they have a tool that they can use to remove them. Hope this helps.

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