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Thank you for the congrats; I was really happy to hear them. :) I'll try to answer your questions as detailed as I can.

[QUOTE]1) Do you hae a certain diet that you stick to[/QUOTE]
No. But I've always been very health-conscious. So, I eat anything that is healthy and seldom eat things that are not. I don't think my diet has affected my skin, since I've been eating the same way over the last 10+ years.

[QUOTE]2) do you take any vitamins at all [/QUOTE]
Yes. 1000mg Vitamin C (5+ years)
800IU Vitamin E (5+ years)
1000mg Vitamin B5 (~1 month)

I started vitamin B5 to see if it'll make any difference on my skin (since I still get one or two whiteheads if I don't use BHA). I started w/500mg for 2 weeks and increased it to 750mg for another 2 weeks. I just started on Monday w/1000mg. Based on my research though, I don't plan on taking more than 1000mg due to possible side effects.

[QUOTE]3) do you take any anti biotics[/QUOTE]
No. I did take quite a bit from 1990-1995 for acne. I would never go back to it again because I don't want my body to develop resistance to antibiotics later in the future when I need them for health purposes.

[QUOTE]4)Do/Did you have cystic acne, theres a lot of pages in this topic but could you give me a brief description of what kind of acne you had and what kind of skin tone.[/QUOTE]
I did have cystic acne, but I always controlled it with Accutane before it became severe (except for the first 2 times when I was in my early 20's). Every time when my acne came back after stopping accutane for a while, I would first get lots of whiteheads (100+) and a few cysts that left acne scars (red mark). My skin tone would become really bad; looked really oily and extremely dirty.

I still get one cyst about once a month, but it goes away in less than 5 days without leaving any marks. My skin tone right now is probably the best I've ever seen; glowing and refreshed

[QUOTE]5) do you have a problem with red/dark spots?[/QUOTE]
I did in the last 10+ years until now. I have one red/dark spot left over from early this year. However, it has become very light in color that only I can see it in certain lights.

[QUOTE]but i do want my skin clear cause its destroying my confidence. [/QUOTE]
I know exactly what you mean. I modeled as a part-time job for many years, and my skin dictated my confidence. I was always afraid of losing that job when my acne came back. It was really horrible. Luckily, I always had a non-modeling job that helped me to become marketable in the job industry after I quit my modeling job not long ago. I read in some posts here on how some people envied the celebrities because they have the $ to fix up their faces. Although I never responded to those posts, I personally feel sorry for those that depend solely on their looks to make a living.

[QUOTE]Its hard to get reliable info here cause most of us are all going threw the same thing with no positive results, its hard to find good info cause none of us have good skin those who do or got great skin left these boards.[/QUOTE]
Actually, I feel that there are a lot of good products and info introduced in this forum. Although my skin is quite addicted to Paula's BHA, I think there are many other products here that are worth trying. I'm still learning a lot from you all whenever one of you find something that might be working. I got the B5 info from this board. I'm just really cautious and make months of research before I try a certain product. ;)
[QUOTE=patienceandreward]My last derm told me that chance of bone problems in the future is greatly increased after the 3rd course of Accutane. So, I did some research on the Internet and found that permanent joint and bone problems might occur with multiple uses of accutane.[/QUOTE]

Hey whats up again thanks for the quick reply ;-)

How did you get your dark spots under control?

Also what other side effects have you found to happen years later with accutane, I never knew it could cause permanet joint and muscle problems.

Another quick question lol sorry but you and sweetjade seem to know a lot about acne and products.
How many people have tried your routine and had success? and has anyone tried it with no results?

Im really paranoid that the accutane may cause some side effect later on in life, i dont believe in drugs and feel a lot worse then good comes from them but im kind of have no choice right now cause i cant take my skin lookin like this. My main problem is the dark spots im taking accutane in hopes that it will stop any more pimples and if they do appear there wont be any dark spots left.

Did accutane prevent dark spots for you?

Thanks again

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