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Hi, how's it going? I'm having quite a bout of depression today. I got up this morning, washed my face, went through my usual morning routine...and when it came time to put on my makeup...I noticed how especially lovely my face was looking. I mentioned before that I had a few new ones brewing on my jaw line. Well...they decided not to be shy and now they are out in full swing. I've got two new painful ones on my forehead....which is usually one of my safe areas. I've also discovered a nasty little patch on the right side of my chin. So..this immediately put me in a mood...but what can I do about it? I covered things up to the best of my ability and headed for school.
Of course the kids were acting up all day. I felt like I was in constant stress mode. I got through the day and headed immediately home. You know what I did next, right? The worst thing ever. I got right into the mirror and began to inspect. Awful, just awful. I started to cry within seconds. This is definitely a full-swing bad breakout. Why though? This is where I start to make myself crazy! Did I do something? Eat something especially bad?? What led to this?? Of course, it's on a thursday, with the weekend right around the corner. Every thursday we have family dinner at my Grams. My mom's side of the fam is very Italian. It's a shame I didn't inherit there nice skin tone....Anyways, I put on my pajamas, washed my face and decided I wasn't going anywhere. I called my gram and faked an illness...How horrible is that!! I just honestly wasn't up for being around everyone, feeling like this, with makeup caked on over this mess.
So that's my current state. I'm so glad we started chatting recently...because when I get like this I feel no one understands. It's nice to be able to vent to someone.
So I washed my face,iced it for awhile and am going to put some Benxyzol Peroxide on for the night. I have a feeling that Tazorac could be connected to this breakout. I haven't used it in months and recently started less than a week ago. Also in a moment of desperation, I popped my first Yasmin pill. Which who knows what that can bring. My period is starting to go away...but I just couldn't wait until sunday. Oh well..hopefully a head start won't hurt.
so what vitamins are you taking? a b-5 or just a general b? I'm taking C, E, and Calcium. Have you ever tried Zinc? I've heard some people rave about it.
I hate when I feel like this. I'm not myself. I don't want to talk to anyone, see anyone, and I hate it. I know there are alot worse things I could be dealing with...but this puts my in such a horrible frame of mind. Please, please...let it improve for tomorrow. We've got this halloween party to go to that is a roaring 20s/Chicago theme. For some reason, I don't think flappers had acne!! Then it's my boyfriend's sister's bday party on Sunday with all the flawless complexion people.....good times.
well I'm glad to hear things are going good with you. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with me. Hope you have a good weekend. Talk to you soon.
take care,
hey JJ, Iím sorry that things are going like they are for you. Howís your face today? Improve any overnite?

I was exactly where you were at a couple weeks ago. A big welt on my cheek and like 5-8 (some old, some active) pimples all around my chin. Right now I still have the old marks that are fading away SLOWLY on my chin (like 5-6 of those) and a nodule on my cheek that Iím hoping will flatten out enough to Ĺ way cover with makeup by tomorrow. I thought all was going well until I woke up this morning with a new pimple under my lower lip. If I remember right, this is one that I messed with before, and it went away kinda quicklyÖ.wonder if itís just decided to come back for a second fight.

My forehead and nose are normally my safe spots; I rarely get anything on them. My cheeks normally are too, but the past few months Iíve had some bumps pop up.
I feel for you, because Iím able to basically come in and just work with the same handful of people and could hibernate in my cubicle all day. You have to work with all those children, so I suppose that it would be hard to do that AND have to deal with being in such a depressed mood. Donít feel bad for cancelling at your Grams; I would have done the same thing.

What have you been eating? Do you drink enough water or drink sodas? Have you given any more thought to doing a low carb/no wheat/no sugar diet? Have you ever tried Bactrim or are you allergic to sulfa drugs? Iíve been told that bactrim is a quick acting antibiotic that should clear you up, and is one of those ďlast alternatives before taking accutaneĒ, but not something to take long term. Thatís what Iím taking now. It hasnít cleared me completely by any means ---, but I do have a few things going on here, and I did still start the yasmin Ė so who knows where I would be if I wasnít taking it. In the past month Iíve:
1. stopped eating wheat
2. started the adrenal/b-vitamin supplements
3. started yasmin and bactrim
4. started applying tazorac to my trouble spots & rinsing it off (I know now to only do it at night!!!)
5. TRY my best to drink 8 glasses of water or tea a day. (do pretty good)
6. added to my daily vitamins I take.
a. Good quality multivitamin (has way more than the RDA% in it, which I was told wasnít enough for people to rely on)
b. Good quality calcium
c. Adrenal/B-vitamin pill
d. Extra calcium; magnesium, zinc (these are also in the multivitamin, so with both I think that I get as much zinc as I should without going overboard)
e. Evening primrose oil (donít know if this does anythign, but figure itís not hurting.
f. Vitamin E capsule
g. And I do a carrot/apple/spinach juice 5 days of the week w/added flax oil)

So, you see, I was making sure to drink the water and eating healthily for a long time now (even before the start of this month). I donít do perfect, but itís very frustrating to know that I do all of this and still break out but yet all these other people EAT CRAP !!!!! Itís nerve-wracking!!!!! And yeah, itís JUST NOT FAIR!

When you use the tazorac, do you put it on your whole face? I guess tazorac is just really exfoliating and can bring up the crud before it starts to prevent breakouts, so yeah, I guess you are right that it may be culprit. I know how you feel, but Iíd say to try my little routine with it at night Ė or even every other night just so that maybe then you will get used to it. ?????

Trust me, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to see anyone, talk to anyoneÖ, I wonít even open my door to my neighbors most of the time and itís 100% because of my face (and god help me if Iíve just washed it and donít have on any makeup and we have someone pay us a ďsurpriseĒ visit. I just want to hide. I wish I was invisible..)

Take care, and keep your head up. I know itís easier said than done, but try and be thankful for the things that you do have, your close family and your caring boyfriend, etcÖ., things could me much worse. You could have acne AND be dying from some disease, AND be all alone. This is what I try, try, try to tell myself when I get so depressed. It doesnít work to get me out of the depression; but it lightens it a LITTLE bit, and I can use all the help I can get in those times. You arenít alone; I'm here for ya :wave:

Take care, and let me know how youíre doing.

Oh, and I've never done the massive dose B-5 thing..., thought about it, but just haven't done it yet.

I'm thinking that if the Yasmin and diet changes don't work, then I'm going to get on spironlactone. But, THE YASMIN IS GONNA WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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