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Thatís great that you have a career that you enjoy. Thatís wonderful. I work in a small office environment; sit in a large cubical all day. I process a lot of paperwork; work in Purchasing...I donít really love my job, it gets boring, and I have too much of the same monotonos stuff to do every day, every week, every monthÖÖ, BUT, I consider myself lucky to have a job in the first place, the way that the economy is going (and I didnít go to college, so I donít have a specialty in anything, just lots of work experience). I am paid pretty well, and I have a lot of freedom without a boss looming over me constantly, so I really canít complain too much.

Stress is SO much a factor with aggravating acne, which is why you should possibly think of taking those adrenal supplements or at least supplementing your diet with some B vitamins. The adrenal gland is what your body uses to handle stress, and b vitamins support that (some kind of way), and are good for stress. I really do think that Iíve calmed down a bit lately. Like, I had some stressful situations going on in my personal life that have went away somewhat recently, so, maybe that is a factor, but I do feel as if Iíve mellowed out a bit more. My boyfriend says that he can tell also. And ya know, it could just be that Iím seeing a little bit of positive results in my skin and Iím trying to stay positive about it; but ya never know, it might be because of the vitamins.

When I first started looking at this site I got really overwhelmed with all the products that everyone was talking about, or had used, or worked, or didnít work. I started doing searches for everything and tried out a few things (different washes, the acne cure, epsom salt). I learned that I needed to stay away from the harsh stuff as it just definitely wasnít for me. I have faint ďscarsĒ (like light purplish/red flat spots) on my face, but they arenít bad. I am hoping that the regenerist will show some results on those soon. Itís so hard being so pale; everything stands out and I can't cover anything up. In fact, I recently went into the clinique counter to buy different foundation and powder and they didn't even have a shade light enough for me. Guess I'll just stick with my drugstore stuff.

If you do try the tazorac deal; make sure that when you rinse it off, that you keep the water away from your eyes. I wasn't even thinking about this, and I guess last night when I rinsed it off, I just rubbed my whole face and it got around my eyes apparently. This morning the skin around my eyes was peeling and red, stung putting on my eye cream...., so, just be causious of that........., (of course, it might have just happened because I have THE MOST PATHETICALLY SENSITIVE SKIN POSSIBLE, so you may not have to worry).

Wouldn't it be nice to have a day go by without thinking of your complexion...., or plan for something a month away and not have to worry what your face may look like then? That would just be so nice.

I remember first breaking out when I was about 14 or 15. I don't really remember if it was "teenage acne" or if I always had these sorts of nodules/cysts. I went on accutane when I was 17 (after trying more antibiotics and creams than i can even remember). The accutane cleared me for a couple years..., but then I started having problems again. The ortho tri cyclen never helped. I've had periods of doing nothing; and then short periods of taking an antibiotic, clearing up for a few months, and then breaking out again. Viscious, mentally, self-esteem-draining cycle.

I'd say that you and I have been living parallel lives if it weren't for the fact I was a few years older than you. My face got really, really bad about last September/October. I went to the doctor in November and she gave me minocyclen and tazorac. By mid-December I would say that I was clear (after suffering from the red/peeling face from the tazorac), and I thought that this was finally it. Well, by April/May, I was still taking the stuff like usual, but started getting nasty bumps on my face again. I suffered with it for a while, tried upping the dose (per my doctor), then stopped taking them. I went to a dermatologists office to get microderm abrasion to see if that would help. I don't know if it did anything except possibly made it worse. My skin FELT better right afterwards, but it only lasted a day. I had two of them done (which hurt my pockets at $125 each). I'd say about a month later; I took bactrim, and it cleared me up pretty well. I started seeing breakouts again, and at that time my boyfriend and I did a week long fast, only drinking a homemade lemonade mixture. My skin looked WONDERFUL. Then I started eating again. Really healthy (I thought); sandwiches, cereal/milk, yogurt..., no junk food. My skin turned terrible, like almost overnight. It was really bad. Like, I had 13 or so big bumps all around my chin all at one time. So, that's when I started with the "acne cure" and also cut out dairy. I would have never thought that it was actually the wheat that seemed to be the main problem.

Anyway, WE ARE ALL WAY TOO OLD FOR THIS!!!!!! It is very embarrasing, especially when you are in your professional environment; or like you are talking to parents of your students, or trying to actually hangout with friends that of course have no clue what it's like to be dealing with this problem.

I think that steaming would be a good idea; but I've never really gotten into it. I'm sure it may help a little; but I would almost bet 100% that with our type of acne, that we wouldn't really see much improvement. I'd save it for more of like doing weekly facials once we clear up; know what I mean?

Hope your game went well last night. The only thing I'm looking forward to for tonight is that Survivor comes on - WOOO HOOOOOOO!!! I'm addicted to that show.

Well, thanks for chatting; it is REALLY helpful to be able to relate so well and know that we are going through the same thing. Fingers crossed!, we'll be clear by turkey day :)
hey JJ, Iím sorry that things are going like they are for you. Howís your face today? Improve any overnite?

I was exactly where you were at a couple weeks ago. A big welt on my cheek and like 5-8 (some old, some active) pimples all around my chin. Right now I still have the old marks that are fading away SLOWLY on my chin (like 5-6 of those) and a nodule on my cheek that Iím hoping will flatten out enough to Ĺ way cover with makeup by tomorrow. I thought all was going well until I woke up this morning with a new pimple under my lower lip. If I remember right, this is one that I messed with before, and it went away kinda quicklyÖ.wonder if itís just decided to come back for a second fight.

My forehead and nose are normally my safe spots; I rarely get anything on them. My cheeks normally are too, but the past few months Iíve had some bumps pop up.
I feel for you, because Iím able to basically come in and just work with the same handful of people and could hibernate in my cubicle all day. You have to work with all those children, so I suppose that it would be hard to do that AND have to deal with being in such a depressed mood. Donít feel bad for cancelling at your Grams; I would have done the same thing.

What have you been eating? Do you drink enough water or drink sodas? Have you given any more thought to doing a low carb/no wheat/no sugar diet? Have you ever tried Bactrim or are you allergic to sulfa drugs? Iíve been told that bactrim is a quick acting antibiotic that should clear you up, and is one of those ďlast alternatives before taking accutaneĒ, but not something to take long term. Thatís what Iím taking now. It hasnít cleared me completely by any means ---, but I do have a few things going on here, and I did still start the yasmin Ė so who knows where I would be if I wasnít taking it. In the past month Iíve:
1. stopped eating wheat
2. started the adrenal/b-vitamin supplements
3. started yasmin and bactrim
4. started applying tazorac to my trouble spots & rinsing it off (I know now to only do it at night!!!)
5. TRY my best to drink 8 glasses of water or tea a day. (do pretty good)
6. added to my daily vitamins I take.
a. Good quality multivitamin (has way more than the RDA% in it, which I was told wasnít enough for people to rely on)
b. Good quality calcium
c. Adrenal/B-vitamin pill
d. Extra calcium; magnesium, zinc (these are also in the multivitamin, so with both I think that I get as much zinc as I should without going overboard)
e. Evening primrose oil (donít know if this does anythign, but figure itís not hurting.
f. Vitamin E capsule
g. And I do a carrot/apple/spinach juice 5 days of the week w/added flax oil)

So, you see, I was making sure to drink the water and eating healthily for a long time now (even before the start of this month). I donít do perfect, but itís very frustrating to know that I do all of this and still break out but yet all these other people EAT CRAP !!!!! Itís nerve-wracking!!!!! And yeah, itís JUST NOT FAIR!

When you use the tazorac, do you put it on your whole face? I guess tazorac is just really exfoliating and can bring up the crud before it starts to prevent breakouts, so yeah, I guess you are right that it may be culprit. I know how you feel, but Iíd say to try my little routine with it at night Ė or even every other night just so that maybe then you will get used to it. ?????

Trust me, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to see anyone, talk to anyoneÖ, I wonít even open my door to my neighbors most of the time and itís 100% because of my face (and god help me if Iíve just washed it and donít have on any makeup and we have someone pay us a ďsurpriseĒ visit. I just want to hide. I wish I was invisible..)

Take care, and keep your head up. I know itís easier said than done, but try and be thankful for the things that you do have, your close family and your caring boyfriend, etcÖ., things could me much worse. You could have acne AND be dying from some disease, AND be all alone. This is what I try, try, try to tell myself when I get so depressed. It doesnít work to get me out of the depression; but it lightens it a LITTLE bit, and I can use all the help I can get in those times. You arenít alone; I'm here for ya :wave:

Take care, and let me know how youíre doing.

Oh, and I've never done the massive dose B-5 thing..., thought about it, but just haven't done it yet.

I'm thinking that if the Yasmin and diet changes don't work, then I'm going to get on spironlactone. But, THE YASMIN IS GONNA WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey JJ,

Iím SOOOOOOOOO bored today. This weather is driving me nuts. Depressing. Iím going out to the mall for shopping and dinner with a woman from work. Everyone I work with is older than me, and I donít know many other people here besides the people I work with. This woman is cool though. Every time that I meet or try to go out with people my age or younger, I get irritated by the lack of maturity. I mean, I know that itís not everyone, I just feel like I have been through a bit more than some people and so I unfortunately donít have a tolerance for a lot of immaturity. Thatís why most of the time I just hang out with my boyfriend, and mostly we hang out at the house.

Iím glad that you liked the derm. Last two times that I went to the doctor for my face (one derm, the other a family doctor), I almost started to cry when I started to talk about how I felt. But I kind of snapped out of it when I got the ďwell, what do you expect me to do for you if you are not going to take accutane?Ē response.
Did he say anything specific about the doxycyline or klaron? Iíve never heard about Klaron.

My face is doing about the same, recovering slowly. Iím glad that you are seeing the texture improve. I hope that I will also. Iíd love to look in the mirror and not see any red or any bumps anywhere. I would like to hope that the regenerist is doing something; but Iím not really sure. I am still going to use it, as I like how it feels, but havenít seen any drastic change in my old scarring.

Youíre having a hard time with that face wash. Damn drugstores!!! Iíd send ya some if I could.

Weíve had a bit of rain/snow mixed with a little hail this past week. Nasty weather week. Sucks. Havenít seen a bit of sun all week, and donít expect to until POSSIBLY Tuesday. BLECH. Our winter last year was a piece of cake, along with the one before. My first winter here was absolutely miserable. WE were trying to move in and out of an apartment and storage facility in December right in the middle of a snow storm that ended up giving us like 10 inches of snow in a few hours. It was terrible. Then we had to fly home to VA and back and when we got back, it had snowed more and we couldnít get to the door to get inside the house!!!! I really didnít know what we were getting into by moving here!!!

My boyfriendís job transferred him here. We were actually fine with it when the opportunity came up, we were looking to get away, start something new. In fact, we had only been dating for like 3 months and just decided to up and move and go for it. Best choice I ever made. It was hard moving away from where I lived my entire life, but honestly, I didnít have much going on and while I love my mom and dad; we arenít really THAT close. I still talk to my mom once every week or so. I do miss them, and am looking forward to seeing them at Christmas time. The times that I really DONíT regret moving away are when my mom nags me about not being married and ďliving in sinĒ. UGGGG.

Have a great night Ė and good luck tomorrow with it being Halloween!!!!! Youíll probably need it with those kids!!!!!!!

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