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Hey JJ, doin good today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I have gotten a new pimple under my chin, right side. Not tooo terribly, but definitely thereÖ.., no whitehead in site, just a nice pink lump. Sucks, because we have dinner reservations tonight at a nice restaurant, and it would just be nice to ONCE put on makeup, etc, and go without wondering how my face looks.

That St. Ives face wash DEFINITELY cuts the oil. Remember how I said that I was going to use it only at night, and then wash just with the Dove for sensitive skin in the morning? Well, Iíve been doing that for a while now, I guess like this week and I just looked in the mirror and Iím an oil slick againÖ., I wasnít like this when I was washing with the St. Ives in the morning. Iím going to switch back. I just have to make sure not to use it around my eyes, and hopefully it wonít dry me out too much. Maybe that dryness that I was having was just because I had just started using the tazorac again. Regardless, Iíd rather not be oily, so Iíll switch back to using the St. Ives twice aday. I hope that you find it soon!

The only thing that Iíve ever done was put a tiny little bit of hydrocortisone cream (anusol) on a cyst and it worked for me once. Flattened the monster out in a few hours. Thatís the only thingÖ., no other topical has ever helped me once I had a pimple or a cyst Ė just makes them worse. And Iíve used the hydrocortisone cream at times and it didnít do anything eitherÖÖ., it might be worth a shot for you though.

Donít really have much for a weekend agenda. I need to clean house, pay bills, but we are going to lunch with a couple of friends tomorrow and I think Iím going to make a big home cooked dinner for us. Just fart around at home I guess. Sucks that you have to work on your days off; but I guess that is a trade off for other times that you can have off when others work all year round (??). I do get awfully jealous when school lets out in the summer and I know that all you teachers are off and Iím still truckin to work every beautiful day.

So far, the only real face mask that Iíve used has been the queen helen mint julep one. And I donít even really do that often anymore. I donít think that it really does anything long term. It does feel good right when you take it off, and your face looks ďdrierĒ and more toned I guess. Never helps the breakouts that are on my face and doesnít seem to prevent anything, even when I was doing it regularly every week. I do need to find a good mask that I can do a couple times I week. Iím kinda looking for one now. I really think though that if you can find this face wash that Iím using that youíll see a huge difference in the oil on your face.

Today will be my last pill of the yasminÖ Period week coming up. I decided to go ahead and have it because if I want to skip it then next month and the month after would be good times to do that. I am starting to question myself also as to if I will stop taking the bactrim after the 10th of November. Maybe I should do it for 3 months instead?? Then if nothing else, maybe I wonít be stressing out about if my face will or wonít become terrible a week before we go home for Christmas. What do you think? I just get so stressed and paranoid about everything. I worry way too much. Like, last year, we procrastinated and waited till the last minute to do our christmas shopping, and my BF and I got all irritated with each other and it just was not a ďpleasantĒ holiday. Well, this year Iím determined THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN so Iíve already started shopping!!!!!!! Hopefully that will reduce some stress. :)

Well, have a great day. Hopefully the kids arenít being too rowdy and you can have a bit of halloween SPIRITS when you go out tonight. ;)

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