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Hi, how are you? So I had the big derm apt today with the new guy. I liked the guy alot. Nice guy, very positive, he didn't even get all up in my face to inspect like all of them do...I rattled off all of my questions...I just want to talk, talk, talk when I'm at the derm. He answered most of them. He told me Yasmin is the way to go with hormonal acne. That made me feel very good. I told him I was concerned about a bad intial breakout and how I would like antibiotics. He prescribed doxycyline for me and also Klaron as a topical. I approached him on bactrim and he said he would rather give this doxycycline a go. So that's my latest status. Hopefully this combo will be effective.
Any new updates with you? Today was a pretty good skin day. I swear something with the overall texture seems to be improving. Knock on wood. I've got two medium size ones lingering over on the lower half of my left cheek. I asked him to inject them and he said they were already on their way out, so he didn't. He told me to use Klaron as a topical/moisturizer and to stop using the cetaphil unless I have some bad dryness. Maybe that'll help with the oil?? We'll see.
So on my way to volleyball tonight, I made a point to leave early to get gas and go to CVS to buy the face wash...of course they didn't have it either!! I'm going to try Walmart next. This might be a hard to find product over here in CT. I"m determined to locate it though. Maybe even the grocery store might have it.
Have you guys had snow already?? Believe it or not, the other morning we woke up to a dusting!! Thats' a bad sign. I"m hoping we don't have another horrible winter like last year. Yes, CT is where Who's The Boss is set. That may be one of our only claims to fame. I've lived here all my life. I even went to UConn for college. It's a nice little state, conviently located between NYC and Boston. What brought you from VA to MN? Was it a tough adjustment?
Oh well...I'm going to call it a night. Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday This week is taking forever to go by! My kids get wilder by the day with Halloween approaching!!
Have a good day. Talk to you soon.

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