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Hey JJ,

Iím SOOOOOOOOO bored today. This weather is driving me nuts. Depressing. Iím going out to the mall for shopping and dinner with a woman from work. Everyone I work with is older than me, and I donít know many other people here besides the people I work with. This woman is cool though. Every time that I meet or try to go out with people my age or younger, I get irritated by the lack of maturity. I mean, I know that itís not everyone, I just feel like I have been through a bit more than some people and so I unfortunately donít have a tolerance for a lot of immaturity. Thatís why most of the time I just hang out with my boyfriend, and mostly we hang out at the house.

Iím glad that you liked the derm. Last two times that I went to the doctor for my face (one derm, the other a family doctor), I almost started to cry when I started to talk about how I felt. But I kind of snapped out of it when I got the ďwell, what do you expect me to do for you if you are not going to take accutane?Ē response.
Did he say anything specific about the doxycyline or klaron? Iíve never heard about Klaron.

My face is doing about the same, recovering slowly. Iím glad that you are seeing the texture improve. I hope that I will also. Iíd love to look in the mirror and not see any red or any bumps anywhere. I would like to hope that the regenerist is doing something; but Iím not really sure. I am still going to use it, as I like how it feels, but havenít seen any drastic change in my old scarring.

Youíre having a hard time with that face wash. Damn drugstores!!! Iíd send ya some if I could.

Weíve had a bit of rain/snow mixed with a little hail this past week. Nasty weather week. Sucks. Havenít seen a bit of sun all week, and donít expect to until POSSIBLY Tuesday. BLECH. Our winter last year was a piece of cake, along with the one before. My first winter here was absolutely miserable. WE were trying to move in and out of an apartment and storage facility in December right in the middle of a snow storm that ended up giving us like 10 inches of snow in a few hours. It was terrible. Then we had to fly home to VA and back and when we got back, it had snowed more and we couldnít get to the door to get inside the house!!!! I really didnít know what we were getting into by moving here!!!

My boyfriendís job transferred him here. We were actually fine with it when the opportunity came up, we were looking to get away, start something new. In fact, we had only been dating for like 3 months and just decided to up and move and go for it. Best choice I ever made. It was hard moving away from where I lived my entire life, but honestly, I didnít have much going on and while I love my mom and dad; we arenít really THAT close. I still talk to my mom once every week or so. I do miss them, and am looking forward to seeing them at Christmas time. The times that I really DONíT regret moving away are when my mom nags me about not being married and ďliving in sinĒ. UGGGG.

Have a great night Ė and good luck tomorrow with it being Halloween!!!!! Youíll probably need it with those kids!!!!!!!

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