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You read my mind. I heard of all of the potentially wonderful things Yasmin can do. I've been on orthotricyclen for four years now and it seems to have just stopped working. From the location of my acne, I can definitely tell it is hormonal. I am hoping Yasmin will really help matters. I'm scheduled to start Yasmin at the end of October. I'm a little apprehensive because I don't want to be experiencing some horrible intial breakouts during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's something you don't want to share with the family. Let me know what you decide on doing. I'm still debating....
Thanks for the info! I've been on OTC for about 31/2 years also and it hasn't done anything for me. I've taken antibiotics here and there; but I haven't taken any antibiotics for a long time now. I just need to try a different route.

I went to the doctor a couple months ago and she wrote me out a new script giving me OTC LO; and said that it was the same thing but it might help with my sex drive since it had fewer hormones. Well, I figured out that the higher dosages of estrogen is what can help acne; so this LO isn't the option for me. Not only that; but since OTC hasn't done anything for the past 3 years, I doubt that LO will do anything (obviously).

So, there are so many options out there that I either can pick and choose, or go ahead and try Yasmin, one that has worked for so many people. I read somewhere that the reason that Yasmin works is because the progestin is different from most and the effect on the body (sebacious glands/oil production/acne) from using Yasmin would be similar to if you used spironlactone.

So, anyway, I made an appt. today to talk to my doctor about it. I'm 1/2 way through my pack of OTC lo; but I think that it would be alright to just start into the pack of Yasmin (hey, I wouldn't mind going a couple more weeks without a period anyway). But I'm going to double check with her.

I just can only hope that I'm lucky and that it starts to work for me right away. I mean, I've been dealing with these huge lumps on my face for a long time. I can deal with them if the Yasmin causes them, but hopefully I would have a light at the end of the tunnel that they would go away soon.

JJ -
Yeah, the last thing that I want to do is be all broken out for christmas time. We are flying back home to be around a bunch of family and friends that we never get to see. I'll be meeting people that I've never met before so I'm anxious. I'm just hoping that I look better than I do right now. I figured that my breakouts are hormonal too; becuase I basically break out all around my chin and my mouth.

I am going on to the fourth month of the Yasmin and my skin is not any better. However my facial hair has gotten better, my chest has cleared up without using meds on it, and I am not loosing any scalp hair anymore. I am trying one to two more months of this and if I still see breakouts up the ying yang I will get off of it. I have had cysts since I started this though I got them before but not as much as I am getting now.
hey JJ, Iím sorry that things are going like they are for you. Howís your face today? Improve any overnite?

I was exactly where you were at a couple weeks ago. A big welt on my cheek and like 5-8 (some old, some active) pimples all around my chin. Right now I still have the old marks that are fading away SLOWLY on my chin (like 5-6 of those) and a nodule on my cheek that Iím hoping will flatten out enough to Ĺ way cover with makeup by tomorrow. I thought all was going well until I woke up this morning with a new pimple under my lower lip. If I remember right, this is one that I messed with before, and it went away kinda quicklyÖ.wonder if itís just decided to come back for a second fight.

My forehead and nose are normally my safe spots; I rarely get anything on them. My cheeks normally are too, but the past few months Iíve had some bumps pop up.
I feel for you, because Iím able to basically come in and just work with the same handful of people and could hibernate in my cubicle all day. You have to work with all those children, so I suppose that it would be hard to do that AND have to deal with being in such a depressed mood. Donít feel bad for cancelling at your Grams; I would have done the same thing.

What have you been eating? Do you drink enough water or drink sodas? Have you given any more thought to doing a low carb/no wheat/no sugar diet? Have you ever tried Bactrim or are you allergic to sulfa drugs? Iíve been told that bactrim is a quick acting antibiotic that should clear you up, and is one of those ďlast alternatives before taking accutaneĒ, but not something to take long term. Thatís what Iím taking now. It hasnít cleared me completely by any means ---, but I do have a few things going on here, and I did still start the yasmin Ė so who knows where I would be if I wasnít taking it. In the past month Iíve:
1. stopped eating wheat
2. started the adrenal/b-vitamin supplements
3. started yasmin and bactrim
4. started applying tazorac to my trouble spots & rinsing it off (I know now to only do it at night!!!)
5. TRY my best to drink 8 glasses of water or tea a day. (do pretty good)
6. added to my daily vitamins I take.
a. Good quality multivitamin (has way more than the RDA% in it, which I was told wasnít enough for people to rely on)
b. Good quality calcium
c. Adrenal/B-vitamin pill
d. Extra calcium; magnesium, zinc (these are also in the multivitamin, so with both I think that I get as much zinc as I should without going overboard)
e. Evening primrose oil (donít know if this does anythign, but figure itís not hurting.
f. Vitamin E capsule
g. And I do a carrot/apple/spinach juice 5 days of the week w/added flax oil)

So, you see, I was making sure to drink the water and eating healthily for a long time now (even before the start of this month). I donít do perfect, but itís very frustrating to know that I do all of this and still break out but yet all these other people EAT CRAP !!!!! Itís nerve-wracking!!!!! And yeah, itís JUST NOT FAIR!

When you use the tazorac, do you put it on your whole face? I guess tazorac is just really exfoliating and can bring up the crud before it starts to prevent breakouts, so yeah, I guess you are right that it may be culprit. I know how you feel, but Iíd say to try my little routine with it at night Ė or even every other night just so that maybe then you will get used to it. ?????

Trust me, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to see anyone, talk to anyoneÖ, I wonít even open my door to my neighbors most of the time and itís 100% because of my face (and god help me if Iíve just washed it and donít have on any makeup and we have someone pay us a ďsurpriseĒ visit. I just want to hide. I wish I was invisible..)

Take care, and keep your head up. I know itís easier said than done, but try and be thankful for the things that you do have, your close family and your caring boyfriend, etcÖ., things could me much worse. You could have acne AND be dying from some disease, AND be all alone. This is what I try, try, try to tell myself when I get so depressed. It doesnít work to get me out of the depression; but it lightens it a LITTLE bit, and I can use all the help I can get in those times. You arenít alone; I'm here for ya :wave:

Take care, and let me know how youíre doing.

Oh, and I've never done the massive dose B-5 thing..., thought about it, but just haven't done it yet.

I'm thinking that if the Yasmin and diet changes don't work, then I'm going to get on spironlactone. But, THE YASMIN IS GONNA WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, how's it going? How was your weekend? Mine was good. I tried very hard not to stress about my face, and was successful for the most part. The halloween party was a blast. So much fun. Saturday we just relaxed and recovered from the night before. Today we went to my boyfriend's parents house for his sister's bday. So all and all, it was a good weekend. Of course tonight, I had to get right up into the mirror and do an inspection. Once again, I'm not pleased with what I see. I've got a few scattered white heads...which I guess I would prefer to a cyst any day. Some of my old problem spots are fading, but those take forever to fully heal. Then of course, there are the scattered red marks. It is my fourth day of Yasmin...also I'm off to the derm on I'm hopefully on the right road for recovery. I wanted to ask you about Bactrim...Any side effects? Initial breakouts? Is it bad for your blood? I read that somewhere on the board. How long does it take to kick in? I'm going to mention it to the new derm and see what his take is on it. I'm hoping this new guy will be nice. Nothing is worse than an insensitive derm.
How was your experience on Accutane? I really don't want to go on it...but I"m sure the derm will throw it out there. I just cringe at the sound of it.
Oh well..I guess I should call it a night. Monday mornings come so quick! Hope all is well with you.
talk to you soon,
How were you doing prior to this breakout? Did you experience any other breakouts the first few months? I just started days ago. I"m really keeping my fingers crossed that Yasmin is going to help me. So far, nothing to report on. I recently started taking zinc as well.
Hey there; yeah the time change has my screwed up too. It's only 9:30 right now, but for whatever reason I am WIDE awake. I got up yesterday like at 9 or so in the morning, and if felt like the looooongest day. Probably because I didn't do anyhing at all.

My face is looking alright. Nothing new as of tonight, we will see what I wake up to in the morning though! What's interesting is that the newest bump that I got under my lip has already sort of flattened out and is just a red bump now. Much faster than normal.

Have you ever tried blotting papers? I've used a few kinds, and they do work well. I don't use them all time time, but I have some in my purse just in case. They kinda give you the matte/powdered look but without looking like you just threw loose powder ontop of an oil slick....

I've not tried aloe vera. Have thought about it, but I've always been in the middle of "trying" something else. That's one of those things that I would try once I;m done breaking out. I really would like to go all natural and forget all these creams, etc. But, if the tazorac will work as a topical, then I don't mind using it. It's cool that I have been using it and my face is not beet red right now. Like, I got a little dryness and peeling, but that might be from overusing the face wash (and that the weather has gotten a bit colder recently). Maybe it will give me if nothing else a LITTLE benefit; every little bit helps.

Round two of the flapper gear, huh? That first one MUST have gone well then ! :)

I started taking the Yasmin and the Bactrim on Oct. 10th. I hate hearing that you are having breakouts :(
So, I can't give any advise at all about keeping with it. Supposedly, you are supposed to see whatever results (or the start of) results by the third cycle. So, are you improved at all since you started it the second time?

I have used retin a before (before they had the micro) and I all I remember is the redness and peeling, so I'm sure I got to that point and probably stopped. YOu may want to think about what I am doing with the tazorac (I read about it in a magazine). The article said that the cream proved to be just as effective without the irritation if you put it on, wait a minute or two, and then rinse it off. So far so good for me.

Differin didn't help me either; (but I don't remember how much of a chance I gave it. Normally I have had to rely on the oral antibiotics because everything is so harsh on my face.
Hey, how's it going? I was on ortho-trycyclen for close to 4 years. It worked like a charm....but then about a year ago my skin started acting up. It's been a constant struggle ever since. I switched to ortho-try lo for two months last spring and broke out pretty awful from it. I got back on my reg. ortho tri...and have had no improvement...still hormonal breakouts on the lower half of my face/chin/mouth area. Anyways, I have just switched to Yasmin after hearing such wonderful things about it. It's not even been a week...but I"m hopefully that by the holidays I'll be looking better. we'll see.
I was using tazorac on/off since the summer and it hasn't been that great to me. It can be really drying and I peeled alot on it. I'm really not a fan, but I did not use it faithfully. I've tried differin in the past and that did absolutely nothing for me too. I never used Retin-A micro. I am off to the derm tomorrow so we'll see what he recommends. I'm hoping to get on bactrim for a short time.
I love the mint julep mask too. I use it a few times of week. What do you use for a moisturizer? My oilyness is really bothering me and I wonder if my moisturizer is making things worse...who knows.
oh well...keep me posted on your yasmin progess : )
JJ- You asked about my moisturizer and I have been using Clindamycin phosphate solution for about a year now and I like it a lot. It's like a really thin, runny lotion so you don't need to use that much at all on your face and my face is rarely ever oily by the end of the day. I like it because it is a topical and doesn't cause redness/peeling but helps it and works on my skin during the day. If I ever have a really dry area, I put cetaphil lotion on since it's a bit thicker.

You said you noticed your skin glowing and I bet you it really is because that is one thing I have for sure noticed both this time and the previous time (last year) when I was on Yasmin. It definitely makes your skin glow and my complexion look better overall no matter what point in the month it is!! My skin is looking better today but I am still getting some pimples on my chin and I can feel one underneath the skin that hurts- ouch i hate those! I know most people that have had initial breakouts usually say it occurs the most on their chin/jawline so I guess that's what is happening to me. One other thing I could work on is not touching my face..bad habit.

Don't be discouraged by me breaking out a little in the third month because the first time I started Yasmin last year it really was amazing and I had no initial problems at all!
Hey JJ, doin good today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I have gotten a new pimple under my chin, right side. Not tooo terribly, but definitely thereÖ.., no whitehead in site, just a nice pink lump. Sucks, because we have dinner reservations tonight at a nice restaurant, and it would just be nice to ONCE put on makeup, etc, and go without wondering how my face looks.

That St. Ives face wash DEFINITELY cuts the oil. Remember how I said that I was going to use it only at night, and then wash just with the Dove for sensitive skin in the morning? Well, Iíve been doing that for a while now, I guess like this week and I just looked in the mirror and Iím an oil slick againÖ., I wasnít like this when I was washing with the St. Ives in the morning. Iím going to switch back. I just have to make sure not to use it around my eyes, and hopefully it wonít dry me out too much. Maybe that dryness that I was having was just because I had just started using the tazorac again. Regardless, Iíd rather not be oily, so Iíll switch back to using the St. Ives twice aday. I hope that you find it soon!

The only thing that Iíve ever done was put a tiny little bit of hydrocortisone cream (anusol) on a cyst and it worked for me once. Flattened the monster out in a few hours. Thatís the only thingÖ., no other topical has ever helped me once I had a pimple or a cyst Ė just makes them worse. And Iíve used the hydrocortisone cream at times and it didnít do anything eitherÖÖ., it might be worth a shot for you though.

Donít really have much for a weekend agenda. I need to clean house, pay bills, but we are going to lunch with a couple of friends tomorrow and I think Iím going to make a big home cooked dinner for us. Just fart around at home I guess. Sucks that you have to work on your days off; but I guess that is a trade off for other times that you can have off when others work all year round (??). I do get awfully jealous when school lets out in the summer and I know that all you teachers are off and Iím still truckin to work every beautiful day.

So far, the only real face mask that Iíve used has been the queen helen mint julep one. And I donít even really do that often anymore. I donít think that it really does anything long term. It does feel good right when you take it off, and your face looks ďdrierĒ and more toned I guess. Never helps the breakouts that are on my face and doesnít seem to prevent anything, even when I was doing it regularly every week. I do need to find a good mask that I can do a couple times I week. Iím kinda looking for one now. I really think though that if you can find this face wash that Iím using that youíll see a huge difference in the oil on your face.

Today will be my last pill of the yasminÖ Period week coming up. I decided to go ahead and have it because if I want to skip it then next month and the month after would be good times to do that. I am starting to question myself also as to if I will stop taking the bactrim after the 10th of November. Maybe I should do it for 3 months instead?? Then if nothing else, maybe I wonít be stressing out about if my face will or wonít become terrible a week before we go home for Christmas. What do you think? I just get so stressed and paranoid about everything. I worry way too much. Like, last year, we procrastinated and waited till the last minute to do our christmas shopping, and my BF and I got all irritated with each other and it just was not a ďpleasantĒ holiday. Well, this year Iím determined THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN so Iíve already started shopping!!!!!!! Hopefully that will reduce some stress. :)

Well, have a great day. Hopefully the kids arenít being too rowdy and you can have a bit of halloween SPIRITS when you go out tonight. ;)
Hey JJ,

Yeah, I was wondering what was going on with the board. I'm sure that I'll get used to it soon enough now that it's back up. I was checking it all the time too and real dissapointed when I couldn't get on. I used to post a lot, and read a lot, but now I pretty much just see if anything new/interesting has been posted and I reply to this thread.

My face is doing alright. I haven't had anything new in a few days, but my old ones are taking forever to go away. It is weird how you can have breakouts in these weird patterns. Like, I can understand breaking out from sugar, or wheat, or some food, or whatever - but breakout from a friday or saturday? Who knows. All you can do is just try and monitor what you eat, and then see how your face does a few days after. It's hard, and sometimes it makes no sense at all - which could mean it's a hormone thing - and who can monitor that??

Along with that, who really knows how both a birth control that is supposed to help acne and antibiotics that you're taking for acne are going to get along in your system at the same time. I do know that antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of the actual birth control if taken together, but I can't see how it would do anything to stop the skin-helping-factors. I mean, the active ingredient in the antibiotic couldn't do anything to interfere with the progestin/androgen/estrogen work that the yasmin is doing.

I'm glad that you found that wash! I used to go to wal mart all the time until we moved and the nearest walmart is the crappiest store around. It's always a nasty mess and I just won't go in there for anything. Anyway, yeah, I use it twice a day. I normally take a quick shower before I go to bed every night. I saw the oil decrease right away, like definitely within a coupld of days. So, did you start using it just once a day or just waiting to start using it? It is proably good to start off just once a day, because it is medicated and can dry out your face. You may not have any problem if you aren't too sensitive.

Well, nothing else is really going on here. I finally got the tickets for flying back home at christmas. I got the news today that a friend of mine from my work back home passed away. Flippin heart attack like at his mid 40s. Terrible, so I've been sad all day. And now I'm sitting here watching that show that John Ritter was in and it's just hard not to cry.... So, anyway, that's where I'm at today.

I hope that you have a great week - I've been tearin up the halloween candy too :)

Bethymarie -
I'm not real sure what's goin on with you. Everything that I've read has said that Yasmin would decrease oil - if anything...., but of course, what does that mean? Everyone is different. Did your breakouts occur within a week of having your period (a week of not taking the pills)? It's possible that may lead to a breakout - I'm guessing.
I noticed your posts on this topic go way back several months, so i am wondering if now, you'd recommend yasmin after using it? How bad was the initial breakout and how long before your skin got better?

I am currently on depo-provera which i think is a big part in why i have breakouts in my 20's that i never had prior to depo. im going to my Dr next week to see if she thinks yasmin would help. im temped to try spiro though also, so ill see what she says, but imm going off depo for sure.


[QUOTE=knut]I'm thinking of trying it as a new birth control and have it possibly decrease the oil on my face.

Just wondering if I should start it now; or wait till after the holidays. I know everyone is different, just wondering what your experiences are.[/QUOTE]

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