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My acne was fine for years cause I was on bcp for about 6 years due to some wierd lumps I got in by breast starting at the age of my first period. So I was on them from the beginning. Then I stopped for two years. Suddenly I started getting evil cysts, never happened before. Then facial hair, body hair, thin scalp hair so much I was needing draino. I realized that my acne got bad the same time I stopped the BCP. I also had pain pain pain midcycle with blood some months. Then I went back on BCP cause I figured something was wrong internally and my gyno reccomended but never did bloodwork and he recomended mircette or yamsin for me, I chose Yasmin cause I heard you don't gain weight with it. Fith month on yasmin and hair is fine in fact hair growing nice on my head, body hair is fine, and just starting to clear up on my face (knock on wood cause the yasmin made me flare up BAD the first three months or so). I am hoping I will only need the yasmin and not spiro too cause my skin is NOT OILY anymore with the yasmin. I also lost wieght with the BCP. I went to see a specialist and my bloodwork was fine, though when I did see a specialist I was on the yasmin for over a month so I don't know if the bloodwork was ok or not. But in the meantime, will probably be on the BCP till menopause cause polycystic syndrome is in my family hardcore, almost every woman except my grandma has or had it. I would see a specialist cause I got such bad acne when my hair started getting funny I have scars galore to prove it.

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