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[QUOTE=stasia12]this is really interesting-but i have few questions. one is-in what ethnicities is hirsutism normal?also, id like to know sweetjade, why you think diet has helped you so much as far as your hormornes are concerned-it seems strange that it cant be balanced by drugs. I also have similar symptoms, but I thought it was getting older. I have regular periods and all that, but I do have excess hair around the belly, alot on my toes, some on my chest/nipples, and now i get on the chin all the time-and Im not that old. I dont usually get cystic acne though, but Ive had moderate acne since I was about 14 or 15 and am now 29-and the hair stuff started happening four years ago.[/QUOTE]

OK, this is what I've heard about acne. That 90% of acne sufferers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. The same rule also applies when it comes to treating hirsutism. Once you develop that secondary hair follicle, no matter how little androgens you produce, that hair follicle will respond to that amount of androgens. Therefore, the sooner one gets dx, the sooner they can get treated properly, and the more likely they can prevent the further development of unwanted hair.

I found out the hard way that not being on Spironolactone for 6 months after taking it for 6 years that I was only suppressing my hair follicles abilitity to respond to androgens because the Spiro was blocking the androgen receptor. I noticed that I started to develop facial hair and more hair on other areas so I went back on Spiro for a few months. I also did some other things to help suppress this (dabbling with various supplements) but because I have not been to a doctor or Endocrinologist in almost 2 years I stopped taking the spiro. I don't want to take a drug unless I can be monitored. So I haven't taken Spiro in at least 6 months and it's funny because the hair on my body and face isn't worsening. In fact it looks like some of it is falling out!

Those results may indeed be due to my diet. I know it's hard for you to understand why drugs wouldn't work and a diet would, but the key to understanding this is that [B]your diet supplies the nutrients neccessary for certain other enzymes, hormones, growth factors, and inflammatory products to exist[/B]. Therefore by altering your diet and physical activity, one can alter the amounts of the above products, and thus can control their acne and sometimes even a certain amount of hirsutism.

See, the medications work to either supress the amount of DHT you produce, to bind the amount of Free Testosterone (estrogen - BC, thyroid drugs, insulin sensitizing drugs/supplements) that's active, or to prevent the amount of androgens that bind to the androgen receptors. Yet IF you can find the right diet, you can do ALL of the same things! Therefore you can essentially take both medications, exercise, and follow the right dietary regimen if your problems are particularly stubborn, but some people have found that they do well just doing diet alone. However [B]when you only take the medications, and you continue to eat in a way that favors the above reactions, you are actually OPPOSING the job that your medication is meant to do[/B]. The wrong diet for your genetic & body type can actually be antagonistic to any medication or supplement that you use. Hence why, in most treatment protocols it not only mentions that you take the medication but to also watch your sugar or fat intake etc (depending on the disorder). Yet most people feel that some little pill, will solve their problems....not always.

In fact the best control I had over my hirstusim was one I was on Spiro AND my diet. This provided me the best combination because my diet reduces the amount of testosterone that I produce, it reduces the amount of free testosterone, which means it reduces the amount of androgens that will bind to the androgen receptor, thus it does reduce the amount of DHT I produce to some extent. However because I quite clearly still produce enough DHT for my hair follicles to respond to, this is where spiro comes in because it will block the androgen receptors, thus further reducing the amount of DHT I produce. Spiros job is dose dependent so the more the you take, the less DHT you will produce. Of course you want the most effective lowest dose and this can be 50mg for some women or 200mg for others. In my case regarding acne, I may have had to go on 300mg or more, because 200mg wasn't effective enough (100mg with diet works well for hirstusim though).

Now I want to mention something to you about fats, particularly trans fats. In fact this also applies to saturated fats as both this type and trans tats will ingrease your growth factor production. Growth factors are wonderful thing, but if you overproduce the wrong ones, well you've set up the prefect fertilizer for unwanted hair (and acne). See IGF-1 is used to help grow hair on our scalp, body, as well as any other type of cell and seems to be in abundance when it comes to dealing with tumors or cancer. Yet for this purpose, in excess and in the wrong place, hirsutim can result. Furthermore because of the prolonged presence of IGF-1 in the body, other growth factor or pro-inflammatory cytokines will present themselves that will further increase the growth of unwanted hair. What I discovered AFTER changing my diet was that I was consuming more trans fats (started eating microwavable popcorn more often and other gluten-free items) and this affected my pore size and at one point I thought it was giving me blackheads. Yet when I looked at the pores (on & around my nose area) those weren't black heads but were actual HAIRS!!!

This happened to 2 other people when they altered their diets and well for me the answer was no trans fats whatsoever. I don't care if that package says "no trans fats" or "0 trans fats" if the ingredients mention Partially Hydrogenated Oil (trans fat) or even Hydrogenated Oil (may have some partially hydrogenated oil) then I do not eat it. What I noticed was my enlarged pores shrank down to the smallest I've ever known them to be since before puberty and those hairs fell out! Not only that, but I noticed that the pores on my thighs and some of those hairs also shrank and fell out. So this MAY have been the reason I developed facial hair because not only does IGF-1 increase growth of cells, but it is also 10x more potent than insulin and can actually cal forth androgen hormones as well.

It's amazing the difference pore size can make. With enlarged pores I don't look as good, but with them smaller I seem like a different person. My face is smoother and more refined looking and I really like it. I personally don't avoid animal saturated fat, but I will say that most of my meat is lean and I don't usually eat fried foods. The only thing that I eat regularly fried would be the potato chips and they are cooked in sunflower oil. Yet I have noted that when I do eat other types of fried food that my pores get puffier but dont usually get larger. When I do get trans fats in my diet, it takes about 2 weeks to undo the damage done in terms of pore size and those hairs eventually fall out some time around then too.

Now I have not had my hormones checked in almost 2 years so I don't know how much Free Testosterone or DHEA I have in excess. My Testosterone and DHEA-S were within the normal ranges, but yes either DHEA or DHEA-S are elevated when dealing with hirsutism issues. However I do know that based on looking at abstracts and full texts journal articles that depending on one's disorder medication works, diet works more, and diet and exercise work even better. All of these can reduce your hormone production or activity, but again when it comes to hirsutism, you may need to take some sort of medication or supplement to further block DHT production/activity for the rest of your life....or go for laser treatment ;-)

Hope that helped some

P.S. I'm definately not growing out of acne. I can still eat sugar, HFCS and I will breakout. I can still consume trans fats and trigger enlarged pores and weird hair growth, etc. I have the power to cease 99% of my acne or activate 100% of it, but I think you know what I've chosen.

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