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I am sooo glad I came across this topic here! sorry for my long post!

I have suffered from acne since I was 12, I'm now 23. My entire face was always broken out and I got horrible cysts that would stay for over a year. I tried everything and nothing ever worked until I took accutane when I was 20. I took it for 4 months and my face stayed clear for about a year afterwards. Then the acne gradually came back, to the point where now the cysts are even coming back.

When searching for answers about the acne I came across info about having excess testosterone and was shocked to find that I have many of the symptoms.

I have excess body hair, the hair on my arms is about 3 times as dense as any of my friends and some of the hairs are way longer than they should be. I also have to pluck quite a bit of hair around my mouth and chin. I have hair on my chest, around my belly button, and on my toes and fingers as well. The hair has been getting worse lately and it is really upsetting me.

I've also always had irregular periods and do occassionaly miss periods. I tend to have problems with feeling very tired and sluggish too. Of course my family says I'm just lazy!

I went into a doctor last week to ask about getting my hormones checked and getting spiro to try. I'm a college student and have no medical insurance and basically no money. I have no choice but to go to the free doctors that my school provides us with. I've had nothing but bad experiences with these horrible free doctors but since I had no other choice I went to the female gyn there.

I was telling her about all my symptoms and told her what I thought was wrong and she seemed to just shrug it all off! I showed her the hair on my breasts and she said that thats normal and just comes with age!
I'm 23 years old! Is it really normal for a 23 year old to have coarse black hairs growing on her breasts?

I demanded that a blood test be done to check my testosterone and dhea-sulfate levels and she agreed but she said that those tests very rarely come back showing any problems. I had the impression that hormonal problems were quite common in women!

As for the acne, of course the first thing she said is accutane. I told her I already tried it and it didnt last and I dont want to take it again. She asked if I tried orthotricyclen and I told her I took for about 8 months and it didnt help at all. I just started taking yasmin about 3 weeks ago since I've heard so many good things about it. When I told her I started yasmin because I heard it works better than ortho she actually shook her head and rolled her eyes! What kind of doctor does that?

sorry for rambling on so long. I'm just so upset about all this! These symptoms are so upsetting. I'm sure all you women can understand how upsetting it is to have horrible acne and all this nasty hair. This doctor just totally brushed it off and said its normal. She didnt give me any advice or offer me any kind of treatment.

Do you think this doctor could be right? Should I just ignore these horrible humiliating symptoms? I'm convinced there MUST be something wrong, this cant possibly be normal!

I cant get the results of the blood test back until december 1st because of the holiday. I'm really hopeful that it shows my testosterone or dhea-s levels are too high, I just want an answer as to whats causing all this! And I want some kind of medication for it! I've decided that if the test shows my levels are normal and the doctor doesnt offer me any more help, I'm just going to buy spiro online and try it myself anyway. I cant afford to see any decent doctor. :(
when my acne started my doctor gave me a blood test to test my hormone levels. i was noticing excess hair as well on my body. Turns out I had excess progesterone. she gave me a pill that I took for a month or sometime ( i dont remem) that was suppose to block any progesterone from coming or whatever (i have no clue im no doctor lol). And that was the end of that. My acne is mild now and the hair is the same. My doc said there was something (pill wise) that would get rid of the hair, not sure if thats true ??? Its not that bad though the hair so I dont care anymore.

I always wonder if the high progesterone levels will ever come back. My doctor never remembers anything about me she has tons of patients so I dont think she even remembers i had this problem.

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