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I don't think any of us can find any 'proof' biotin actually causes acne, but after reading so many people, who claim it does- that can't be ignored.

I believe it does, but I'm wondering if that is just a 'healing crises' that the body is going through, since high levels of biotin inhibit yeast in the body from turning into its fungal form. So, it may be the 'clearing of yeast through the skin'?

I am starting to hypothesize that most people (especially people with acne) have an underlying candida yeast problem. And how both accutane (or vitamin B5) inhibit the bodies ability to absorb biotin, so the body is left somewhat depleted of biotin (which clears acne on the surface, but only causes a deeper rooted problem inside) by allowing a favorable environment for yeast to thrive by allowing it the environment it needs to turn into its fungal form.

Maybe its like a vicious cycle and needs to be stopped, by high amounts of biotin (which will make acne flare and get worse, while the body is cleaning out the yeast through the skin) and once the candida problem is dealt with and healed, one would no longer need high amounts of biotin, nor would high amounts encourage break outs either.

So, the question is- are the majority of people still breaking out after LONG-term biotin use? AND are you also addressing a candida problem too? Because I think a lot of information can be gathered from finding out the answers to these questions. I'm looking forward to hearing people's responses, so I can gather more 'evidence to support or disprove' my theory.
Interesting theories you have Vegasbrat. I'm not really sure though?
If you were a woman and had too much yeast,wouldn't you be more prone to yeast infections? I have only ever had one in my whole life.
When I was taking biotin many years ago,it was because I heard it was great for helping hair grow.And whilst my seemed to grow much faster on it,my face broke out the entire time I used it.I never thought it might be the biotin doing it.
But when my hair was long and I stopped using it, my face cleared again.

I'm prone to acne anyways though and have had it on and off,but on biotin it was much worse.
Maybe it only breaks people out who are already susceptible to acne,but those who have normal skin will not?
I've done this 3 times with biotin now before I finally realized maybe I shouldn't use it

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