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i feel your pain i have the same problem. i dont like store bought products so i search the internet for home remedies and try them. i found a home remedy that worked for me . try this:first you want to dry them up as mush as possibe, so make some salt water and put it on your face w/a cottonball,this will will help dry them up .i do this in between my mask (about once every couple of hours) then i made a home made face mask containing: baking soda ,filtered water,a apple, a cucumber,and honey. 1st take 1teaspoon of baking soda and 2teaspoon filtered water(i used bottled spring water) mix into a paste (if to watery add more baking soda if to thick add more water)you dont want it to thick or to thin so play w/it. 2nd in seperate bowl cut up your apples w/ skin on mash until no big lumps(i put mine in a food prosser,but you can also use a blender)ADD to baking soda mixture. then grind your cucumber and add that to mixture,mix well then add 1tspoon of honey mix well and refrigerate about2 hours.w/cottonball rub on effected areas and let set 4 15 minutes rinse and repeat often.ive done this since 10pm last nite and i already see a differents. so try this and let me know how this works for you.( it cant hurt its all natural ingredient) i only ask 1 thing pass it on ok. good luck. i have to go rinse my face write soon.

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