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If you can,go back to a dermatologist.Retin-A is NOT the only thing that they can give you.Retin-A didn't really help me either,so don't think you are beyond help here.

I would ask to try Differin gel.For some reason people who have no luck with Retin-A,they do better with Differin.A good dermatologist would also prescribe you a short term (1-3 months) oral antibiotic to get things moving faster and help keep your initial break out from being too bad.

Also,adding in a BP face wash is a good idea.Salicylic acid is ok for exfoliating,but Bp helps kill bacteria AND exfoliate.
I would use nothing less then 10%.

Acne is a PROCESS,so it helps to use a combination of things to combat it.Differin to cut back on oil and keep pores unclogged,Antibiotic to get rid of any underlying infection beneath the skin,BP to help kill surface bacteria and exfoliate WITHOUT SCRUBBING.

I would really stop with the steam.For some people this can aggravate the situation because it swells the skin.

If those don't work there is always Aczone,hormonal treatments or Accuatane.

Generally with bad acne just using Topicals really isn't enough.You need to fight it from the inside...the source.
Whether it is infection,or too much oily from hormones.

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