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When I was reading your story and specially your routine during the week I couldn't help but start wondering if you are actually over-cleansing your skin?

I'm not a professional in this way so keep that in mind but I've had my share with skin problems for years (still do) and the best advice I got was not to overdo it. Using too heavy cleansing, scrubbing, peeling etc constantly just made my skin think it needed more and more moisturizing so my skin was overactive -> i cleansed and cleansed and more and more there was to clean. I never had/wanted to take meds (thank gosh for that, I'm scared of them) for once I tried this lotion from pharmacy with a lot of acids that was supposed to be THE most effective one and it literally burned my skin and peeled one layer off (it also bleached most of my clothes!). It took me a loooong time to get my skin better after that. So I'm going with very mild stuff myself and for some reason it seems to help.

My suggestion is to try and calm things down a bit with all the peeling and scrubbing and this and that. I don't know if it helps with you but it did with me - after a facial I do 2*cleansing/day (mild lacto-acid liquid, gentle toner that calms, moisturizes and closes the pores, oil-free but moisturizing moisturizer - different for day and night), tea-tree products locally to calm skin down, 1*week gently rubbing cleansing and calming mask and if something starts to break then I use pharmacy sticks for local break outs. For some reason the routine has helped with whiteheads and pimples - some of the more liquid sticks from pharmacy have even dried (or peeled off?) whiteheads! And I try to get facial at least 4 times a year (when seasons change) or more if that seems needed.

I've dropped almost all the make-up, just using light foundation to even up the color of my skin (that kind that is proven NOT to block pores) when going out and just a light touch of powder on my nose, forehead and cheek to stop shining. I try to let my skin breath as much as possible.

I don't know how old you are but I made the mistake of using "teen age" products even when I'm not a teenager anymore - so as the skin goes older, even if the problem is the same, one has to change products to support the skin better. That's also what my cosmetologist told and it has worked. And it never harms to check your diet and add vitamins in case it seems you're lacking some.

So this is what worked with me, surely I didn't have it quite as bad as you have (according to your description) but maybe worth to try. I really hope you find the cure and your skin starts to get better. Keep the spirit up!!! :)

ps. don't be too obsessed with the skin - after all those who see only that when they see you are definitely just blind!

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