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Hi everyone, For the last two months I've just started noticing all kinds of skin colored bumps on my face, mostly under my eyes. It looks like my skin is made out of an orange peel!
My whole life I've always had really clear, smooth skin. The only problem I've ever had was really dry skin around my nose and chin.
Lately the dry skin was getting pretty bad, My usual skin routine was spectrogel and saint ives olive cleanser. So to help with the itchy dry skin I started using moisturizer. I've been using the moisturizer for almost 6 months now and it has really helped with the dry skin...but now I'm starting to notice these bumps?
I'm thinking maybe I'm overdoing it with the moisturizer, but I'm not sure..any advice would be much appreciated!
Oh also when I touch my face it feels perfectly fine, its just looking at it up close that I can notice, and when I use makeup.
If it helps I can put up before and after pics of my face.

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