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[QUOTE=scars1982;3243274]Hi Stacy,

This is all the stuff I knoe about acne (the cystic kind):
1. It may be caused by a mite called human demodex. I know it sounds gross but 96% of the population has these on their face. It can get out of hand when you are stressed, have excess hormones (ie birth control) or have a weakened immune system from medication.
2. If you think this might be your case, do a search for demodex and do a little research. There is a site called demodex solutions with a message board with tons of people with the same problems as you but thet also have a treatment aimed specifiically for this stuff. The products that they sell do contain some anti-biotics though so if you think you are immune it might not work but it is up to you.
3. There is also a plant called ************ which also kills this mite off and there websites which sells actual "Acne Kits" to get rid of the problem.
That is what I am taking, as ************ is an immunity booster and horone regulator.There are creams, soaps, oils and capsules too.
4. One more thing, I went to the dermatologist to get a cortisone injection on a couple of my cysts but then they came back. So whrn i went to the health food store I asked the lady why that would be. She said that the cortisone and all the medications I have been on just put the mites to sleep and than when it wears off, they wake up. Interesting.
5. If you try this stuff, it will give your immune system a chance to get stronger and build up immunity to this. I've read alot of stuff that says the more medication a person is on, the more suppressed their immune system becomes.
I truly hope that this helps. Just a little warning, if you try either of these methods it may start to clear up and then it may flare up again. But that is good because it means your body is healing itself and getting rid of this crap.[/QUOTE]
I just read your quote and was very interested in the demodex! I have tried everything else so I figured it can't hurt. I have used OTC treatments, BC Pills, Spirnolactone, Antibotics, and nothing has worked. I even started using apple cider vinegar recently. I have had acne for 11 years and nothing seems to work just treats the symptoms and then it returns as soon as my body adjust to the current treatment. I just ordered from the demodex shop. I really hope this works.

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