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Well, since accutane is the Last resort for alot of dermatologists, it is sometimes hard to get them to prescribe it.

What medications have you tried already? I am asking because I was on all of the "cycline" antibiotics (tetra-doxy-mino), and after none of them worked, she put me on a ceftin based antibiotic called duricef. That failed to work also. I researched online for quite a few months because I was determined that there was another solution besides accutane. I had tried all of the topicals also, (retin-a, epiduo, differin, you name it) I have been on benzaclin all of my life, and when it suddenly didnt work as well, I was worried. But, it is still my topical of choice and works better than anything else I have tried. Anyway, while doing research, I came across how some doctors use sulfer based antibiotics such as Bactrim DS, to help clear acne. They are MUCH stronger than the typical minocycline, and they work in a more broadband, powerful way that doesnt target the skin imparticular, but it kills ALL of the bacteria anywhere in your body (including your skin). Since you may have beconme resistant to an antibiotic you have used in the past, throwing the bacteria a different attacker such as a sulfer based antibiotic, might work. My derm would not prescribe me the bactrim because she said that many people have allergic reations to sulfer based antibiotics, and she doesnt see it proper to use such a powerful antibiotic for acne. So..I found a derm that would, and believe me, I had to do some research. I finally found a derm who believed strongly in using Bactrim DS for acne, and put me on the heaviest dose for a month. It seemed to work for a while (about a month after being off of it), but the acne seems to be creeping up again, so I am back on it.

Unfortunately I have a picking problem so I picked apart my entire forehead basically, which will prob take a week to heal, if it does :( I am actually really worried about this. :( It has been two days now, almost three and the wounds are scabbing up, but still really red.

Hope I could help.

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