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I would really appreciate a response from anyone because I really dont have anyone to talk to about all of this. I have a picking problem with acne, and whenever I have a bad flare up, I tear my face apart until it bleeds because I want it to go away faster, and would rather have an open wound healing than a pimple bump lingering for a week. I just am really upset because I am scared that I really went too far this time, because I have about 5 open sores on my forehead that I picked last night and the swelling and reddness wont go down. I also am having a cluster of breakouts on the complete other side of my forehead that I am very nervous about. I am on bactrim DS and I have been trying to wean myself off of it (taking only one a day), but yesterday I started back on two again because the acne is back. Breakouts make me a nervous wreck. Its all I can think about all day long, and the worry of looking like this permanantly haunts me all day. The stress alone can be making it worse. I stay in the house for days at a time (although today I forced myself out). And my boyfriend almost completely loses his girlfriend until this heals and goes away. I literally turn into this different person when I have these breakouts, I become shy, self concious, non talkiitive (i ignore my friends). Is this normal to feel like this?? I feel like I "die" in a sense every time this happens. I have had clear skin all my life (im 21) and just started having bad breakouts in april. I have picked my face so bad over the past 5 months that even the doctors are amazed that the scars disappeared. Beings I have no one to talk to about this, I would appreciate an outsiders point of view on this. My family, friends, boyfriend are all SOOOO SICK of hearing about this that it just makes them mad when I mention it. I lie to everyone about why I stay in the house for days at a time, saying I have a stomach flu or something. :( I hate it

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