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Don't be affraid to tell your dermatologist that what they suggested IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU. There are so many different gels and cleansers to try. Sometimes they may seem like they work but your body can get used to anything, so it can stop working.:o

I know the doctors tell you it can take a month or two for a topical gel to work, but i personally thing one month is plenty to see. If your face has not improved at all, or very little, and you now have worse reactions to to the product it's time to try something else. the gel is not going to make your acne disappear forever, you'll have to keep taking it, so find one that doesn't hurt your face so much.:(

I'm suprised that differin gel irritates your skin so much. When i used it i didn't get such an irritating reaction.
If your acne is not severe these are my suggestions**[/SIZE]

Nozema products are often good for moisturizing and cleaning, you can fine face wipes and cremes. i used these when i was young and they're great. they have Salicylic Acid in them. i would also suggest using this other than cetaphil, but supposedly cetaphil is great(i personally only used it once, itfeels much to oily for me).

Biore (revitalize 4 in 1 self-foaming cleanser) and other Biore items have irritated my skin less than any other(oxy-clean and clear etc.) drug store option has.
[SIZE="5"]If your acne is at a severe level i suggest this**[/SIZE]

Proactiv step one face wash(cheap in mass online) is a great face wash
also the proactive tea lotion feels nice but this stuff is pricey.

Rezamid products
and Glytone products are different but also leading brands for acne control.

other gels are Benzamycin gel Stievamycin(a canadian retin a micro)
[U]foods that cause break outs[/U][/CENTER]
and foods with iodides like salt and salty things(seaweed) a lot of seafood has iodides, and meets heres a link to a small list of some iodide high foods
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[COLOR="Red"](note that oral antibiotics can help but it's proven that your body becomes immune after 6 months, not only that but it normally takes at least a month or two to see any improvement)

I hope this helped!:D

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