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I used antibiotics and topical tons of times and my acne is just to stubborn.I have pretty moderate to severe(stubborn)acne and after all these meds i was about to go on accutane which i was so happy about.But when i got to the pharmacy i found out it would cost me 450 dollars ..I was so pissed.So now here i am like a year later and i had to go to the my doctor for bronchitas and i didnt even ask him anything for acne and he just gives me some meds for it.It was kinda depressing cuz it just made me feel my acne is so obvious and noticeable.I mean i was there for freakin bronchitas not acne. Anyway once again i got antibiotics(doxycycline) which are pretty useless for me cuz they only work a little only WHILE im takin them and then my acne comes back but i figured why not give them a go again. And he gave me a topical called cleocin T(gel)which ive never heard but once again said may as well try it.This is the best thing ive used so far.I mean i have pretty bad acne and stubborn and it started working like the next day with no drying or any side effects. The only thing that discourages me with topicals is there not a cure, so you have to keep using it or it wont work ya know.Thats why i wanted to go on accutane in the first place because it has a pretty good reputaion(from friends of mine that used it) of keeping acne away for up to 2 years if not permantely.But yeah haha, i didnt mean to write a huge story here but if you found that youve tryed nearly everything there is give this a try.It works really well and fast and is cheap. Any feedback on people who have used it before and any other ideas or anything would be awesome....thanks.....peace

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