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I'm also on Retin-A 0,025% and i've been on it for 12 weeks.
1) When will i start seeing the initial break outs?
I started breaking out more after using it for 3 days.
2) When does the worst of it end?
Well..i guess i started having the results after 8th week.
3) Can I use spot treatment on the ones that come out?
No,Retin-A is not an on the spot treatment.It prevents the pores from clogging so it should be used on all affected areas.
4) My doc told me that Retin A will also help get rid of the red-blotches
and marks left behind. How long will it take to get rid of the red marks?
It really made my red marks less noticable but they are still there.I still have the red marks from the pimples i had 3 months ago.
5) When do I stop? If I clear up, am I done? Or is this the type of medicine
that I have to keep using to see results?
Unfortunately,if you stop it,the acne will come back.
6) When the instruction sayst hat within 9~12 weeks ill see improvement, is that improvement including the breakouts that the medicne causes or improvement from before starting the medication?
My face is much clearer than i started.
I hope this helps.

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