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I have been considering trying a moisturiser over the past few days. My forehead is really my only problem with acne. It's very oily but I seem to have cleared it for now. This was mainly due to a product called panoxyl aquagel. It's benzoyl peroxide in an aqueous gel. Any way the main reason it works so well is because it's so d amn drying. At one point my forehead was so dry if I raised my eyebrows causing it to rinkle, the rinkles would stay there for like 2 minutes before going away. Also my head felt like sand paper due to it's really dry texture. Now that I am off it my skin feels super smooth on B5 and a small dose of oxy benz per cream, (which is just normal BP) at night. But still it looks kinda funny when I raise my eyebrows like sort of small rinkles and funny texture, just to look at not touch. Also it goes very red when I raise my eyebrows quite hard for a few seconds, before returning back to normal after a few seconds when I stop. Does anyone else suffer from this? I thought maybe a moisturiser could help, but all the ones I have tried seem to be to oily and cause breakouts. I have tried them all, from Neutrogena, Laboratoires Garnier, Tea tree etc etc. I have heard alot about panthoderm though. It doesn't cause breakouts supposedly, which I still am very sceptical about. It's also supposed to be great to use in conjuction with the B5 tabs? Does everyone agree with this? Any bad info on it?

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