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Dr brey in torrance is the PS I saw. He specializes in only facial cosmetic surgery.
Nlite i believe can help with large pores;although i've heard vitamin - c works very good as well.
I can't stress enough the active - c i'm using though it works really well.
Nlite can be done for people under 18 and if you have \"active acne" it's probably better that you get it done asap because it stops active acne by reforming/reshaping your collagen under your skin.
I've heard different stories about it's effectiveness though. I've been told it stops it permanently from more than one PS but also have heard it only keeps it at bay for anywhere between 6-12 months. Whatever the case it's good to get it done to prevent scarring.
I only had nlite done in certain spots on my face where the scars were so i was given a "custom" price.
I had it done twice 2 weeks apart.
Regarding the keloid scar i've had cortizone also shot into it about 4 different times which minimized the height a great deal ; although the only thing different is the color is fading alot and its almost unnoticeable. I'm not sure if that's from the nlite or just normal time.
I've also noticed that the new scars i have ( the ones i got from accutane... lol which is when i got any scars ! was during accutane...but thats another story! lol ) are the ones that are fading really quickly and plumpy up some. I also had an old chicken pock scar shot and i really haven't seen too much change in that one but like I said i'm only at the two month mark and was told not to see any real results till 3-4 months post treatment.
I've also noticed the people that have talked sh*t about nlite saying it doesnt work and blah blah it's just a waste of money which of course could be true but it seems they say that excactly at the 3 month mark then you never hear from then again! Seems to me like it worked and they're
My expierence is to wait a good amount till your off accutane before you start getting micro derms done also. I had some micro derms actually cause some shallow pitting.. I did notice though that although the micro derms didn't get the scars away it took "the edge off" and it kind of blended them in better.
In my opinion i feel people should get the nlite done just as there finishing up there course of accutane so once the oil starts producing and the collagen livins up again it it will be even more stimulated by the nlite. Then again i'm no doctor.... not yet at least
I've also noticed getting some sun without any sunscreen on for about 15 min or so a day (depending on your skin type i'm fair skinned so thats all i can takelol)has helped with the texture and scarring.
Maybe it's the vitamin the sun produces i forget what it is but i know some people may not agree but it's helped for me.
another thing is not to wash your face immediately after the sweat hard...I'm not saying go a long period of time but let it flow for a while lol.
After i got done workin out i would go straight to the shower lately i've be chillin post workout for about 30 min then showering just letting the sweat i guess help plump up the skin lol

But the #1 way (i'm sure alot of people will disagree) that i've noticed to help my skin from breaking out is taking an anti depressant(SSRI class)If you ask me i truly believe mild-moderate-severe acne ( except for the few women get around the time of the month or just a couple from not cleansing your face) is caused by anxiety " the minds inability to relax ".And in my case my acne period i believe is caused by this. I'm not even depressed ( now that accutane is over with lol) but I believe my acne is mainly caused by general anxiety disorder.I also have ocd in my family. I would come to this board any time i could to check new posts and different solutions but in my opinion it would make my acne worse. I would basically think about acne all the time of a way to cure it( i still do a little bit not nearly as much though) . I wouldn't be suprised if a good 80% of the people on this board had it also. I've seen plenty of people with moderate acne act like it's nothing or not even really notice it themselves( and really not notice it not just acting or a show); then again, there's me always checking the mirror and different angles andlight angles and every morning straight to the mirror.. Or i should say that was before. Now I don't and I don't break out .. I even broke out mildly after 6 months of accutane. I had stress internally/ subconciously and didn't really know it. Stress increases hormones which is a double whammy from stress and from puberty/ female time of the month hormone changes. I can honestly believe that a good amount of psychiatrists realize that skin problems is caused by a portion of the brain chemically unbalanced; although, they cannot come out really and say this because it would cause a dramatic crash in the dermatology industry and who would even fund scientific data to honestlty prove it . I also believe that the "fatigueness of accutane isn't a side effect either ! " Some people get some side effects on accutane and some don't but i haven't heard one person who didnt get fatigue..."
I believe accutane intentionally increases seretonin to relieve the GAD symptoms and over 5-6 months of this hoping the body will shrink the oil glands and chemically try to balance the brain. I also believe the depression part of accutane can come from too much or an incorrect dosage of accutane because it inhibits the reuptake of "too much seratonin" Then again i'm no MD.,..
Anyways LOL...back to nlite...
Yeah i believe it's a great thing to start with and see if it works before you do anyting more drastic...
I honestly don't understand why i just wasnt approved for acne scars along with peri orbital wrinkles if not just for acne scars ...
I mean acne scars aren't a natural form of you face aging. Peri- orbital wrinkles and any wrinkles are so it's like your basically working against the nlite every time you blink or squint your eyes... Acne scar are usually unnatural and nlite focus' specifically on collgen inducement..I mean for god's sake you dont constantly use an acne scar like you do wrinkles LOL..
anyway good luck if you have anymore ?'s let me know and i'll give you my opinion or my expierence on what i've went through.....Which is alot LOL
P.S. Brey's practice also has really cheap micro derms i've never seen em that cheap and it's cool they put on some music dim the lights give you a blanket cleans for face moisturize it then micro derm you after they put a vitamin c mask on and massage your face and head and neck for like 10-15 min !!!!
I'm thinking of going just for the massage lol
take care

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