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Originally posted by supershy22:
I'm really desperate to try and get rid of my darn acne and I was wondering what acutane is, and if it is dangerous, has any side effects or whatever. Also does it work well? Right now What i do basically is:
wake up, wash face with nuetrogena liquid facial cleansing formula, put on cleocin T 1% lotion, and benzyol peroxide 10%, then I take my minocycline after having food..

then at night I wash my face w/ nuetrogena then do an egg yolk mask, then after washing it/air drying it I put on benzyol peroxide/cleocin again and have minocycline again with food.. it's only been about 2 weeks since I've been taking minocycline because i took it for a month before and didnt see results so stopped it but found out i have to take it for a while.. I really want to clear up before college so I can restore some confidence i ONCE had, a long LONG time ago!

I have cystic acne. I went on Accutane 9years ago and the dermatologist said that my acne would clear and would never come back. While I was on it(I don't remember how long)my skin cleared up very nicely, I was so happy!!! But I had only one sided affect from the med. - very, very dry skin. I itched my arms until they bled.(very uncomfortable) After about 4months my acne came back. I was so upset and the doctor was very surprised. The only time my face was crystal clear was when I was pregnant. I'm still looking for a product that will help. Anyway, that was my experience. I've heard that Accutane has helped many people with severe acne, I'm just one of the unlucky one's. Maybe you should go see a dermatologist. There maybe a new med. on the market that may help. One more thing, I was told to be very, very carefull not to get pregnant. Accutane can cause serious birth defects.
Good Luck to you!!!

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