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lines of demarcation are usually a co2 laser trademark in most cases. erbium usually won't produce that effect, though the results with it may be less spectacular overall. then again, you may not require anything too spectacular for your purposes.

how extensive is the scarring and area you wish to be treated, and, on what part of the face (it's the face, i assume, right?)? it depends. if the area is somewhat large and prominent, a full face treatment will likely be done even though it may not be necessary for other areas. this is to produce a more even tone in the skin. what you might be more worried about is the effect it could have on your skin's pigment, which in the hand's of a skilled physician is less of a risk though still present nonetheless. i believe that for treatments which go into the dermis, such as laser, you'll likely lose the ability to tan almost always. your skin's normal color won't likely be affected, but it's ability to pigment will, most likely.

danielle, you aren't considering a dermatologist for the procedure, are you? i'd advise against it if so, for a number of reasons.
your derm might be able to give you proper guidance, but no more so than a reputable plastic surgeon would. not only do most ps's deal with this kind of thing as much as do most derms, but they also tend to be more adept at treating it. a lot of derms use antiquated procedures (dermabrasion) and even older lasers (there are older versions of co2 still in use that you probably want to stay away from). some derms are quite good at certain procedures, but, they're few and far between. a plastic surgeon will likely have far more experience at it, and that can make quite a difference. actually, you might want to consider a few plastic surgeons for the procedure for differing opinions. they'll be able to address anything a dermatologist would though.

lines of demarcation will be the potential areas of your face after the procedure which can easily be distinguished from other areas, but not necessarily limited to areas not touched by the laser.

it's possible new scars could form, though little chance of that, or of current scars worsening, especially in the hands of a skilled surgeon. most new scarring comes after the procedure with skin that didn't heal properly. it's rare, but still a risk nonetheless. if you go for sugery, they'll likely have something for you to prep your skin, if that's what you meant. you may want to try facial, or chemical peels now and see what they do. they might give you the results you were looking for. there's a newer type of tca peel called the accupeel which, i believe has results similar to an erbium laser and is the safest on the market, i believe. i've been doing glycolic acid peels, but it doesn't sound like they'd be strong enough for what you need. hopefully though, if you get ahold of a good plastic surgeon, they'll be able to discuss all these things with you, and hopefully lead you in the proper direction. sometimes a good one isn't easy to find, but, that's true with almost every type of physician. that's why it's good to ask around maybe and see as many as you can.

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