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Why do you advise against a dermatologist for scar/laser treatment? Do you think my dermatologist will give me the proper guidance? Who should I see and who is the best to actually do a procedure? I think my old dermatologist from years ago had a skin surgeon nearby. Since insurance most likely won't cover any of this, I guess I could try contacting him. What are "demarcation" lines?

I have crater like acne scars all over my cheeks. One is worse than the other and I was considering having just that one cheek resurfaced since the scars are much more noticeable there. Are there any products you know of that would be good to try before getting surgery that might smooth out my skin? One dermatologist told me my skin is almost clear enough to do something about my scars and he also mentioned that microdermabrasion would not be enough for me. How do I know what kind of treatment to get? I worry that my doctor will just try to get my money and not really care about what's best for me. Is there a chance my scars could appear worse after being treated? I know nothing will make my face like it used to be, but I definitely don't want to try something that will make it any worse. What about facial peels (any kind)? Should I try those before surgery? Thanks for all your help.
Thanks for your input What kind of doctor is doing your glycolic acid peels? Do you see improvement and what kind of scars did you have? How much does it cost each time you go? I will ask my dermatologist what he thinks I should do, but I know nothing will be covered under insurance so I guess seeing a plastic surgeon wouldn't make the cost go up too much(?). I've heard that with things like dermabrasion, there can be scars that are get deeper as you go deeper into the skin and they can show more. Do you know if this is true? Dermabrasion seems like too rough of a procedure to me. Do you have to avoid the sun after ALL types of treatment, even everyday sunlight? I live in a warm sunny climate so I'm worried about that, for whatever treatment I get done. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks again.

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