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No more acne!!!
Aug 14, 2001
Ok, I have been on and off Wais diet for about a month and a half, and here is what I have experienced on my way to 100% clear on this diet. The first weeks on the diet I tried to take a middle way and not the very strict diet, which means that I occasionally ate dirty protein but at the max 7.5-15 grams/day. Before this I had been on B5 with success, but I experienced some side effects I didn't like at all, so I decided to try the diet. So I stopped B5 completely, and after about one week the effect of B5 wore off and my skin started to get greasy again with samll pimples appearing here and there. It was not as bad as I had expected, because I had stopped taking B5 at other times, and then pimples came back with a vengeance, so clearly there was something working with this diet. But I couldn't get completely clear, and having been clear on Accutane and B5, my pimple tolerance had gone down to zero. So I was a little bit depressed about all this and I thought that the diet didn't work for me as it had for many others.

So after three weeks I almost gave up, and I was already returning to B5 when Wai persuaded me to try once more, this time the strict version of the diet (no dirty protein whatsoever) for two weeks. I felt I had nothing to lose, and gave it a try, and after about one week on the strict diet my acne was completely gone!!! At first I didn't really believe my eyes, and I had doubts in my mind that the acne would come back becuase it had haunted me for such a long time, but every new day I got more and more convinced that this really worked, and to 100%. For the first time in 14 years I was completely clear (I had moderate acne) without using any drugs or overdosing with B5, because that is what both Accutane and B5 is in my opinion, overdosing. One other thing that I noticed on the diet was that the oil production in my skin went down and my skin feels a lot different than before. It's like a complete transformation.

So going for the very strict diet for two weeks was the best thing I did because now I know it works, and it doesn't matter if I screw up sometimes, I can always
get clear within a week or so on the strict diet. Knowing this makes a huge psyhological difference, and I advice people trying the diet to really try the strict version of the diet for two weeks, only then you know for sure.

The only thing that is left for me to do is to put Wais theory to a test, because I want to see with my own eyes that the cause is water retention due to dirty protein, salt etc. I have already bought milk protein for bodybuilders that contain 96,7% protein which is dirty protein. The other things I'm going to test is of course salt, sugar, and hydrogenated fat (hardened fat). I will test one at a time, and see what happens the following days. If the protein and salt gives me acne and there is no reaction with sugar and hydrogenated fat, then I believe the theory and I have no doubt anymore.


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