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Re: No more acne!!!
Aug 17, 2001

I agree that most doctors are not thorough enough to investigate food allergies (especially if they believe the current dogma about food not causing acne). However, not all doctors take this attitude. In particular, my doc has told me that acne into adulthood could be a result of a number of possible causes: 1) hormonal imbalance of some kind (e.g., hyper- or hypo- thyroidism, PCOS in women), 2) food sensitivities, 3) excessive, prolonged stress (causes hormonal problems), 4) diabetes.....we've discussed all of these options (both of my parents have type II diabetes for example) and are doing the relevant tests.

The last test will be the elimination diet. I will probably try Bob McFarlan's since the foods have been tested in the lab for IgG antibody reactions.

If none of the above works, maybe i'll try Wai's approach....out of sheer desperation....either that or urine therapy


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