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I'm about to go on Accutane for not cystic acne but for acne that does not respond to any other meds. Its bad enough that I have to take pregnancy tests every month..... but its the side effects I really worry about. I can deal with dry hair, and I already have dry lips, its the dry red face and initial breakout that I worry about. I wear some concelaer and sometimes foundation and I know that it will be VERY difficult to put this on with flaking skin. And about the initial breakout.... ahh!!!! I go to a middle school where almost now one has acne and if they do its either very minimal or they are like recluses! I'm a very sociable person........ I talk with a lot of people and although they are truly my friends, I dont want them to see me like that.

I'm 13 and weigh about 125 pounds. What dosage should I go on to prevent these side effects, and what lotion should I use? When did you all start seeing improvement? What is the best lip balm? Please help....... I'm only actually going on this because I'm desperate..
What do you mean "take a pregnancy test every month?" I hope you're not having sex already. Anyway . . . I was never on accutane, but my brother was and I recommend using a lip balm w/ spf 15 and using it even before your lips become dry. Neutrogena makes a good line of moisturizers. (thats what I personlly use) You are actually pretty lucky . . . if you get you acne cleared up by the time high school comes no one will really even remember that you had acne. Most kids get acne the worst in high school so your face will be getting better while most everyone else's will be geting worse.

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