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Hi to all! I have been browsing over these messages for about a month now and finally am getting around to posting. I am 31 years old, married for 13 years to a great man and we have three "keep-us-on-our-toes-fun-loving" children. I have had acne since my teen years. I always and mistakenly thought that I would grow out of it but here I am, still dealing with it. I am of Native American/Mexican/Irish descent. My acne has become much more persistant since we moved to a slightly warmer climate. Infact, the first year we moved here, we took a trip back home for a family reunion and my sister said "What is going on with your face?" (Trust me, she said it in a concerned way!)That is when I knew I had to do something about it. My acne usually consisted of small red "mini-cysts" which broke out anywhere they felt like it. There would be a day or two in the month where I felt my face looked "normal". Since the move, I have had lots of really tiny bumps all along my forehead and more clusters of "mini-cysts". I finally went to a Dermatologist and went thru the usual antibiotics, creams, retin-a's and then......went on Acutane. Now, I never really considered my situation to be extremely severe but since nothing worked, it was the last bit of hope there was AND I had my tubes tied so that made it an easier decision. I was on Accutane for 6 months and overall, cleared up for a month AFTER I was off of it. During that 6 months, chapstick was my best friend. I kept some under my pillow at night and in every pocket of my coat and purse. Upstairs, downstairs, everywhere. I went off Accutane in April 1998 and I still broke out but if you can belive this, I broke out differently and healed differently too. I didn't get as many of the "mini-cysts" and they cleared up faster. They tended to "flake" or shed. But I still have oily skin, which is what led me to finally post a message.
Up until I looked at ANY acne message board, I had never heard of using B-5 for acne. I didn't even know there was a B-5. So after reading numerous messages on this site and others, I finally said to myself. "What the have tried lots of products, what can this hurt?"
And it didn't hurt anything! I am no longer oily and my acne is not 100% cleared but a definate improvement. And I tested myself. At first I thought I was imagining things with my face no longer having that oil slick look when I woke up, or a few hours after washing. So after two weeks of 10 gms a day, I went off of the B-5 and this past weekend, the oil slick returned and I knew I had hit on something that was right for me. I had to go back on B-5 and stay with it to see real long term results. In all honesty, having much less oil on my face is good enough for me. That's half the battle right there.
And all thru these acne years, my husband has been so good about it. He was very supportive of what ever new product I tried and in many ways, made me feel good about myself. He never said anything negative in regards to my acne, just concern because he knew I worried about it. (Obsessed is more like it!!)
So, I will keep those of you interested updated on my B-5 progress. I really think all dermatologists should suggest this as part of their routine, before they try meds like accutane.

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