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I think a lot of people overlook the power of herbs. I am on antibiotics just because I am afraid of stopping them and I use triaz cleanser (3%) in the morning and put on Cleocin T lotion. At night i use Differin, which i have been on for about 13 weeks. I started Differin because i was not really getting large red pimples, I had a lot of whiteheads. I have read up on herbs and acne, and just 3 weeks ago i started taking Acidophilus (to replace the good bacteria killed off by the antibiotics) and flax/borage oil capsules, and burdock root. Just today i picked up some yellow dock because I read that Yellow dock and Burdock work well w/ each other for clearing up acne. My face has been looking pretty good, IF i do not pick. That is hard, but i just think of how much pain I am in during the week that it takes for a scab to heal! I also have been drinking PuriTea for 3 weeks which actually says it improves skin health. I eat mostly organic food (lots of fruits and veggies) I just recently started eating more green vegetables. I do not eat dairy, but soy instead, but i do still eat unrefined grains and chicken. This may seem a little extreme, but I guess it just kind of happened gradually. First is started cutting out chocolate and then little by little i cut more stuff out. I do not relaly miss junk food that much although I do sometimes get a craving. Maybe some of you should try something like this. You do not have to do all of this, but maybe altering your diet and adding in some supplements might help. This not only helps you skin, it helps your entire body. Taking care of my body makes me feel good about myself and it really is not all that hard, except for eating out and eating at other peoples houses. Take care all!

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