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I know how you feel Cansu, I hate summer too. In the heat, my makeup looks like crap, and while i'm trying to cover every single blemish with concealer and foundation, everyone else goes for the super natural look. I wish I could walk out of my house without any makeup.

I think you should go to your family's place anyway, and if your cuzin says anything hurtful to you, hit him back with something you know truly bothers him. I know that 2 wrongs don't make a right, but it sure feels good. Also, try not to let your acne ruin your fun this summer.....I know i'm not, last summer was ruined by acne and I'm not gonna let the same thing happen to me this summer. I'm gonna do all of the things that I love to do regardless of how bad my skin looks......I still have faith that I can beat this thing!
All of us here understand how you feel as we've all had experiences like yours.

May I make a recommendation regarding makeup? Try a bit of Maybelline Great Wear concealer as foundation before swimming. A couple of years ago I went swimming (at night) a few times a week and used that concealer and some powder beforehand. The parts of your face where the acne is mild won't lose much makeup as you swim. Maybelline also makes a concealer that has salycic (sp?) acid in it. Great coverage AND acne fighting ingredient! (No, I don't work for maybelline. This stuff is the best I've found and I couldn't not share it with you.)

Bonus: Swimming (at least in pools) has helped lots of people with their skin. I know it did for me.

If your cousin gets rude, take him aside and explain that these comments hurt your feelings. If your cousin is a good person then you won't have to deal with this anymore. He probably says mean things because of his own insecurities about himself and is trying to lift himself up by pushing you down. Don't let him do it!

Have fun at the beach and tell us about it when you get back. : )

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