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Re: Differin gel
Nov 19, 2000
hey sabrina, i was going to answer you the other day, but i forgot my password, then i got kicked off, plus i was at work at the time so i had to do something and by that time...i forgot..i'm sorry anyway, if you don't like the differin after 3 years i think you should switch. i was using it for about 5 months. i didn't get anymore breakouts but my skin was still un-even and blotchy and i still had derm wanted me to stay on it because she said it would take me a long time to clear up becuase i had acne for 9 years and i just decided to something about now..yeah whatever lady...anyway, i said yeah well shouldn't i atleast see maybe one..just one..blackhead gone in 5 months?? so i convinced her to switch me, now i'm using retin-a micro and i noticed a difference the next day. my skin just looked brighter, more healthy. so in about a week i was looking in the mirror and i saw like white patches on my nose and i'm like "uh oh, what the hell is that?" so i got closer and it was clear patches!! differin works different in everyone, my b/f's sister uses it and has gorgeous skin and to be honest i'm jealous. on my first visit my derm actually told me retin-a is better but he gave me differin because she didn't think my skin was bad enough and becuase i have adult acne...i guess differin is like the new craze in dermotology. i dont yeah i think you should switch. you probably wont get the initial breakout since you've been through that already. my skin is very oily too and i cant take it!! i hate using those blotters every five minutes! i'm taking pantothenic acid to see if that'll work, probably not because i'm not lucky enough okay sorry for the long-winded post mostly about b.s. thanks for reading the whole thing. hope i helped though
Re: Differin gel
Nov 19, 2000
hey no probs diane, i was jus kinda wondering how come no one replied or had anything to say about differin, as u said its really the new craze cuz all the derms i saw agreed that it was what i should use
i use the differin gel every nite for the past 3yrs but i still get breakouts and my skin is also very oily an i hate it
but i think the differin helps with a reduction in the blackheads though, i dont get as much as i use to
but recently i started diane35 and i hear thats supposed to help with the oiliness, well i guess ill find out eventually if it will help, im also thinking of starting pantothenic acid to c if it will help too

well next time i see the derm ill ask about retin-a micro?? is that one not as strong as the normal retin-a?
im afraid to use topical stuff cuz i spend a great deal of time in the sun an im afraid of getting discoloration from the sun

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