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you should read the "do nothing" post if you haven't already. It works for a lot. I think a lot of people have found what you are trying to say to be true, but don't need a facial to get there, but if it is what you enjoy and works for you then kudo's. And you are right it does matter what you are on or puttin in your bod and most derms don't focus on that.
Some herbs can have the same effect as all the "detergents" etc. so as long as you know what you are puttin on and in your bod and it is workin it is a good thing. I think it also depends on what kind of acne you have or what is behind it...some people do have acne that does turn into infection and I have one friend who after years of everything actually found out her face skin can't kill any bacteria on its own...she has a genetic skin disease imagine how down she was after Acctane 3x.
whatever works for someone if it is working is a good thing and if there was just one thing that worked for everyone life would be too easy eh.

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