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No, I didn't have pox marks on my skin to begin with, and microdermabrasion did not give me pox marks either. So I can't tell you whether microdermabrasion will have an effect on deep scars.

The woman I work with for microdermabrasion did tell me that it is most effective on the face (as opposed to the back or chest), if that gives you any solace.

You can do quite a bit of research yourself on the internet. Also, if you have health insurance (I'm assuming you're in the US), I would look into your provider care network (assuming you have one of those for your insurance) to see what options you have with regard to dermatologists. Some dermatologists also have reconstructive surgury options, and they would be worth consulting with about your options.

Please just be careful regarding the scrubbing technique, that seems to be a big topic around here, and as I said on another portion of this BBS, no dermatologist has ever told me to use that technique, and until one does, I'm not going to use it.

Take care,


P.S. I also don't know how old you are, but I can tell you that things do get easier as you get older. I'm 29, and I work with a lot of people that look like they may have had severe acne in their earlier years, and it does not effect how I feel about those people at all. Concentrate on improving yourself in other ways other than your looks, too (single women my age have a very hard time finding intelligent, funny men!)

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