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even with a 70% glycolic acid peel, you'd only be red for a few days. afterwards, you'll start to peel, the redness will subside, and you can probably put on make-up in just a couple days. your biggest problem will be the peeling though.

you might want to try a series of lighter peels, say, in the 30% range. they'll help with the redness and exfoliation probably better than microdermabrasion. you want to have some time to dedicate to healing though. as i said, you'll be peeling lightly, and you want to just let that run its course. with a 30% peel, you could get one on friday and probably stop peeling enough to be able to put on make-up by monday. a series of these will do a lot to help with exfoliation and breakouts as well as red marks.

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