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Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows anything or has had experience with microdermabrasion. I was looking for something that has a quick recovery with good results. I was wondering if derms do it? Also does it help prevent future breakouts or just help with the red marks. Anyone with any experience please reply. Thanks.
what are you wanting microdermabrasion for exactly? i've had several treatments. it works well for very mild scarring, but not so much on moderate. it also doesn't seem to curtail acne for too long. a few days maybe at best.

if you were to get anything, a series of very aggressive treatments would be the way to go. i'd go with glycolic acid peels instead though. they can go deeper or as deep, seem to work better at fading red marks, and appear to work better on scars. they're also cheaper.
I was just looking for something to prevent breakouts like to keep you exfoliated and to help clear up some red marks from past breakouts. I don't want anything where I will be house ridden for weeks waiting for my skin to peel. But I want something a derm can do nothing that you just go to a day spa and get.
even with a 70% glycolic acid peel, you'd only be red for a few days. afterwards, you'll start to peel, the redness will subside, and you can probably put on make-up in just a couple days. your biggest problem will be the peeling though.

you might want to try a series of lighter peels, say, in the 30% range. they'll help with the redness and exfoliation probably better than microdermabrasion. you want to have some time to dedicate to healing though. as i said, you'll be peeling lightly, and you want to just let that run its course. with a 30% peel, you could get one on friday and probably stop peeling enough to be able to put on make-up by monday. a series of these will do a lot to help with exfoliation and breakouts as well as red marks.

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